Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So I've been 21 for 5 months now.

It's so weird being able to go buy alcohol whenever I want, but I dislike the experience of checking out at a store with alcohol.

I dislike it so much that I usually buy a lot at once so I don't have to keep coming back. Which is silly because then I look like a raging alcoholic with a cart full of beer.

Anyway, the weird thing I guess about being 21 is that you have alcohol just lying around your house a lot. Like it's just there. I mean you may touch it like once a week, or just have it there to bring to other people's houses to party. Either way sometimes weird irrational things happen.

Like today. I get home from a morning of work and I'm like 'oh it would be nice to have a mikes hard later with dinner.' So I go to 7-11 (my favorite place to buy alcohol because small stores and not a lot of people to call you out on being an alcoholic). I buy two six packs of mikes because hey, I like to stock up so that awkward experience doesn't happen to often. I mean I still feel like I'm not allowed to buy alcohol. Maybe it's because I look so young and the cashiers always eye my i.d. for like 20 seconds before they hand it back to me.

Anyway, I get home and I think I better start on my take home final for quantitative reasoning that's due Friday. I open up my computer files, go to the kitchen and try to find something to drink. So I open a mikes.


Did I seriously just open a mikes to drink WHILE I do a FINAL TEST. What the hell? This is something that never would have occurred to me to even do when I was 20 years old. Who just DRINKS while they're doing HOMEWORK?

It's like opening up a mikes on your break at work...what?

So I'm just standing there with my open mikes like 'crap I can't just dump it out now or put it back in the fridge it will lose all it's bubbly.' So I just drink it.

Which doesn't make me drunk or anything, but I feel a little HAPPIER now about doing my final. Which isn't right. I should feel totally miserable about doing a final. Misery makes one concentrate more on the task at hand. But do I have a more clear mind now? Absolutely not. So basically I'm a moron.

Now I'm just going to take a nap. Wake up in an hour. Then start my final.

Now I feel like an alcoholic....after all that effort I went through to look like one.


Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have a blog? Oh shit yeah I do.

ME: Come to my blogspot her is the URL
RANDOM PERSON: You haven't updated since October.
ME: So?
ME: Ahhh.

So here I am updating away.

Things you need to know that I've been doing?

Nothing. You need to know nothing. I'm sure you have your own shit going on that is infinitely more important to you than knowing what's going on with me.

Am I going to tell you what's been going on with me anyway?
Of course I am. Oh and some of what is to come.

Here is a list:
Final exams
Marianas Trench next Saturday Road Trip
Hank Green in Portland Road Trip
Buying lots of books
Reading lots of books
Thinking about studying for exams
Not studying for exams
Going to the bars
Being 21
Growing my nails out
biting my nails
not biting my nails
Being partner with youtube for WeReadBooks
Rejection from being partnered with youtube for Hollishillis (2 times now)
Battlestar Galactica
Hating the show Caprica
Contemplating going to vidcon

That's all.