Thursday, October 14, 2010

Catch up

Is it really true that I haven't updated this blog in 2 months? I am a sad person.

I would just talk about how busy I've been and blah, blah, blah. But I tried to complain to someone today about how busy I am and they just told me about how their taking five classes, working full time, and paying rent, car, phone bill etc.

So yes...that made me feel lame.

Basically eight things have been going on. Let's list them.

1. I went to San Francisco and saw something corporate live. It was INCREDIBLE.

2. I started classes. One class on Monday's from 1-330 and another online. Really really easy classes but SERIOUSLY a lot of stupid stupid work.

3. I finally got a job! It's at a cool book, video, game, music store. First they put me on register for 3 weeks which is soooo boring. BUT THEN last week they put in in the BOOKS section. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF BOOKS! I just stock them and put them away, and help people find them and work in the children's book and it was so cool.

4. Tomorrow is my 3 year anniversary with my lovely boyfriend Jesse!

5. I'm going to Mexico for an anniversary vacation with Jesse in two weeks!

6. In three weeks I will be 21 years old.

7. I will be graduating with my masters in useless communications in June 2011

8. and last and most importantly I will be applying to get ANOTHER masters degree in Library Science in Fall 2011 so I can be a accredited librarian.

How have you been blog readers?


Life is awesome.


Maggie Shirley said...

Congrats on your awesome job and your anniversary! Also, I WANT TO BE A LIBRARIAN TOO. THAT WOULD BE SO BAD ASS. What kind of classes would one take for that?

Hollishillis said...

Basically a lot of technology and research courses. They are really big in the ALA on internet and using technology for learning and understanding. They're so hip :)