Sunday, August 22, 2010

BEDA fail and San Francisco

I was going to finish and blog every day in August, but really, I'm so important and I just don't have time.

Okay that's a total lie. There has been plenty of time for blogging lately I just haven't the mood.

But I am now! And hey, I made it about half way through August blogging so go me!

So last you heard I had an interview with Borders Book store and they said they'd call me back. Well...they didn't. They didn't want to hire someone like me who has an English Literature degree and can work 6/7 days a week for them, and who LOVES LOVES books.


I know right? Super disappointed. I think I just loved books too much and it blew stupid Shae's mind. He had a stupid name anyway. SO TAKE THAT SHAE! I don't want to work at your stupid bookstore.

Then I decided to reapply for the gagillionth time to Hastings bookstore where my friend Roxy works. I applied on Wednesday night and guess what? They called me Thursday for an interview. So I went on Thursday. I think it went well, better than my borders interview at least. And the guy interviewing me loves my friend who works there. He said he'd let me know Monday. During the interview he asked if I had any plans anytime soon and I basically said I have no life and I'm not going anywhere.

Well that might be a problem. See, I love this MAY have heard of them. They're called SOMETHING CORPORATE. They're amazing basically. I saw them once when I was 15 (almost 6 years ago...I feel so old). Anyway, they're having a Reunion tour and me and my friend Kellie JUST found out about it today. well the closest they're coming to our town is San Francisco. Which is only...16 hours away. Okay...that's pretty far. But we're still kind of young and we still love that band and heck this might be the ONLY time we EVER get to see them live EVER again.

So what do we do? We IMMEDIATELY head over to the all night diner on Monroe. We order a hot chocolate and a strawberry lemonade and we decide on a napkin how we're going to go to San Francisco on a $75 budget THIS TUESDAY NIGHT. And surprisingly we found out how. Kellie, Jack (her boyfriend), Corrina and I are going to leave Monday at 3pm, drive to San Francisco and arrive Tuesday morning at 7am. Then we'll get a motel, sleep till 1pm and then tour San Fran for a bit. Then at 7pm SOMETHING CORPORATE! The show will be over at 11pm. Then we go back to motel and sleep till 7am. Then we drive home and get back WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 11pm.

This is all fine and well and the gas cost split between us plus a concert ticket is only $75ish each. The only problem is...the job.

What if he calls on Monday offers me the job and asks me to start Tuesday? I TOLD HIM ALREADY I COULD START RIGHT AWAY AND I HAD NO PLANS. I'm just NERVOUS. I don't want to start a job out bad. I mean, I NEVER do anything this spontaneous. THIS IS VERY SPONTANEOUS. My best hope would be if he calls and offers me the job and asks if I can start on Thursday. I just CANNOT miss SOMETHING CORPORATE LIVE for the LAST TIME EVER. It's only two days. I have to just hope hope hope that he doesn't want me to start right away.

Either way we'll be heading to San Francisco on one day...I love spontaneous things!


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