Friday, August 6, 2010

BEDA Day 6

So far a great weekend.

So Thursday night I went to my friend Alicia's Boyfriend's new place. That sounds complicated. Well his name is Nick and he has a few roommates that I know. Anyway, we all headed over there around 11pm. It was a pretty good time. We played fooz ball and drank margaritas. I reiterated to everyone around 2am about why Breaking Dawn should not be made into a movie. This involved slurring the plot to everyone which basically went something like this:

"And then...the he like...he BREAKS the placenta with his teeth to this vamp human baby and then this 17 year old werewolf is like I LOVE THAT BABY"

Anyway around 3 I dragged myself home, and then I slept until 1pm.

At 3:30 I went over to my friend Cassie's place and we ordered bread sticks and attempted for the gazillion time to beat Super Mario Brothers Wii. WE JUST COULDN'T BEAT THE LAST CASTLE!!! There are no save points and played entirely through without breaks it's about a 9 minute level. Sometimes we'd get so close to the end and then die and we'd have to start all the way over. VERY frustrating. Well it was getting to 7:30 and we needed to leave so we decided one more time through and then suddenly WE BEAT IT.

I've never been so thrilled about beating a video game.

Then we rushed out the door because we were late for a concert at stage 54. So we came a bit late but still saw the important artists. Carey Brothers (no, not THE Carey brothers, this poor guys name IS Carey Brothers) who is an amazing artist who has appeared in The Last Kiss soundtrack and Garden State. Then the main act who I have waited a LONG time to see GREG LASWELL. He was so fantastic and I just love his voice. The performance was great and all the bands were funny and had a good time. Afterwards I got a picture with Greg Laswell and as you can tell I'm completely star struck:

It was a great Thursday night/Friday morning and a great Friday night.


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