Monday, August 2, 2010

BEDA Day 2

Ah Monday's. Monday's are horrible to most of the population, but I find that Summer Monday's are great.

That is until I realized it is AUGUST. Which I should have realized yesterday but I was having too good of a time. See the thing about it being August IS THAT I HAVE TO FINISH MY LITERATURE REVIEW AND METHODS SECTION OF MY MASTERS THESIS BY SEPTEMBER 6TH!

...and I haven't worked on it all summer like I said I would...

Me in June
Good self "Hey Holly, you need to start your thesis."
Bad self "Back up yo, it's June. Classes just ended. I'm tired. Give me June to relax and read for fun, and just hang out."
Good self "I guess that's okay."

Me in July
Good self "You should really start the literature review at least."
Bad self "I know, I ordered some books for the lit review so I can work on it soon."
Good self "Soon as in now?"
Bad self "Soon as in whenever I'm done reading for fun."

Me now (and after happily finishing 17 books that I read for fun)

Good self "Done with that lit review yet?"
Bad self "Not yet"
Good self "How far are you into it"
Bad self "I haven't started."
Good self "You haven't started."
Bad self "Nope...but I still have...oh my God...I ONLY HAVE 35 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Present time

So as I'm writing this blog I'm cooking pasta and waiting for Jeopardy to start and thinking not so calmly: "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!?!"