Sunday, August 22, 2010

BEDA fail and San Francisco

I was going to finish and blog every day in August, but really, I'm so important and I just don't have time.

Okay that's a total lie. There has been plenty of time for blogging lately I just haven't the mood.

But I am now! And hey, I made it about half way through August blogging so go me!

So last you heard I had an interview with Borders Book store and they said they'd call me back. Well...they didn't. They didn't want to hire someone like me who has an English Literature degree and can work 6/7 days a week for them, and who LOVES LOVES books.


I know right? Super disappointed. I think I just loved books too much and it blew stupid Shae's mind. He had a stupid name anyway. SO TAKE THAT SHAE! I don't want to work at your stupid bookstore.

Then I decided to reapply for the gagillionth time to Hastings bookstore where my friend Roxy works. I applied on Wednesday night and guess what? They called me Thursday for an interview. So I went on Thursday. I think it went well, better than my borders interview at least. And the guy interviewing me loves my friend who works there. He said he'd let me know Monday. During the interview he asked if I had any plans anytime soon and I basically said I have no life and I'm not going anywhere.

Well that might be a problem. See, I love this MAY have heard of them. They're called SOMETHING CORPORATE. They're amazing basically. I saw them once when I was 15 (almost 6 years ago...I feel so old). Anyway, they're having a Reunion tour and me and my friend Kellie JUST found out about it today. well the closest they're coming to our town is San Francisco. Which is only...16 hours away. Okay...that's pretty far. But we're still kind of young and we still love that band and heck this might be the ONLY time we EVER get to see them live EVER again.

So what do we do? We IMMEDIATELY head over to the all night diner on Monroe. We order a hot chocolate and a strawberry lemonade and we decide on a napkin how we're going to go to San Francisco on a $75 budget THIS TUESDAY NIGHT. And surprisingly we found out how. Kellie, Jack (her boyfriend), Corrina and I are going to leave Monday at 3pm, drive to San Francisco and arrive Tuesday morning at 7am. Then we'll get a motel, sleep till 1pm and then tour San Fran for a bit. Then at 7pm SOMETHING CORPORATE! The show will be over at 11pm. Then we go back to motel and sleep till 7am. Then we drive home and get back WEDNESDAY NIGHT at 11pm.

This is all fine and well and the gas cost split between us plus a concert ticket is only $75ish each. The only problem is...the job.

What if he calls on Monday offers me the job and asks me to start Tuesday? I TOLD HIM ALREADY I COULD START RIGHT AWAY AND I HAD NO PLANS. I'm just NERVOUS. I don't want to start a job out bad. I mean, I NEVER do anything this spontaneous. THIS IS VERY SPONTANEOUS. My best hope would be if he calls and offers me the job and asks if I can start on Thursday. I just CANNOT miss SOMETHING CORPORATE LIVE for the LAST TIME EVER. It's only two days. I have to just hope hope hope that he doesn't want me to start right away.

Either way we'll be heading to San Francisco on one day...I love spontaneous things!


Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm trying to pretend that my interview at Borders went really well.

But basically it went down like this:

I walked into Borders at 2:25 just to make sure I was on time. I was told to ask for a guy who's name I wasn't exactly sure of. See I knew it was a guy, but on the phone it sounded like he said his name was either SHANE or SHAY.

I was confuzzled.

So I went to a guy working basically said: "Hi is Shayyyne available."

In which I basically got really quiet after the letters 'sha'.

He only looked confused for a moment before sending me over to the cafe.

There I met a guy named Shae. Yes, SHAE. He was...not enthusiastic about having to do what I assumed was ANOTHER interview and I guess I couldn't blame him.

I thought the interview would have been very standard 'what would you do in this situation' type thing. However, I just ended up talking about how much a love books and what books I'm excited for and if a customer came up to me I gave a scenario of how I'd recommend Mockingjay to them for reading.

After that point he looked at me fairly blankly and stated: "Well I've never heard such an enthusiastic reply before"

Awkward. I think I nerded out about books a little TOO much. But to be fair it was for a job at a bookstore.

I'll find out if I get a follow up interview in a few days.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BEDA Day 11

I landed an interview at Borders book store tomorrow at 2:30.

I'm not very nervous except in that I know they're interviewing A LOT of people because the enconomy is shit. I will be very upset if I don't get this job because it will be the 4th job I've interviewed for that I'm over qualified for that I haven't gotten.

I hate having this college degree sometimes because I feel like people don't hire me for minimum wage jobs because they know I don't plan on staying there forever or whatever.

But if I got the job at Borders I could definitely see myself keeping it AT LEAST for a year if not more. I don't know. I just hate this job seraching. I hope I get the job.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BEDA Day 10



Monday, August 9, 2010

BEDA Day 9

Finally finished a thesis book today. That's 1/4 done. Tomorrow I plan on finishing book number 2 and then Wednesday #3 and Thursday the last one. Then this Monday I can really start writing the darn thing.

It's all very stressful.



Sunday, August 8, 2010

BEDA Day 8

Today was my annual family BBQ.

So much fun per usual.

We made a TON of water balloons and had water ballon launcher fights. It was a blast. We do it annualy in August it's a pretty good time. There was a live band, tons of food, badmitton, shooting, croquet, etc. An all around fun time.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

BEDA day 7

I finally made a vlog today after months of not doing so. Felt good to edit again.

Went to a minor league baseball game and watched a decent fireworks show afterwards.

Now I'm watching Deadwood for the first time ever. Interesting enough so far.


Friday, August 6, 2010

BEDA Day 6

So far a great weekend.

So Thursday night I went to my friend Alicia's Boyfriend's new place. That sounds complicated. Well his name is Nick and he has a few roommates that I know. Anyway, we all headed over there around 11pm. It was a pretty good time. We played fooz ball and drank margaritas. I reiterated to everyone around 2am about why Breaking Dawn should not be made into a movie. This involved slurring the plot to everyone which basically went something like this:

"And then...the he like...he BREAKS the placenta with his teeth to this vamp human baby and then this 17 year old werewolf is like I LOVE THAT BABY"

Anyway around 3 I dragged myself home, and then I slept until 1pm.

At 3:30 I went over to my friend Cassie's place and we ordered bread sticks and attempted for the gazillion time to beat Super Mario Brothers Wii. WE JUST COULDN'T BEAT THE LAST CASTLE!!! There are no save points and played entirely through without breaks it's about a 9 minute level. Sometimes we'd get so close to the end and then die and we'd have to start all the way over. VERY frustrating. Well it was getting to 7:30 and we needed to leave so we decided one more time through and then suddenly WE BEAT IT.

I've never been so thrilled about beating a video game.

Then we rushed out the door because we were late for a concert at stage 54. So we came a bit late but still saw the important artists. Carey Brothers (no, not THE Carey brothers, this poor guys name IS Carey Brothers) who is an amazing artist who has appeared in The Last Kiss soundtrack and Garden State. Then the main act who I have waited a LONG time to see GREG LASWELL. He was so fantastic and I just love his voice. The performance was great and all the bands were funny and had a good time. Afterwards I got a picture with Greg Laswell and as you can tell I'm completely star struck:

It was a great Thursday night/Friday morning and a great Friday night.


Thursday, August 5, 2010


Oh yes. Today I read a lot of thesis stuff.

I read this cool article on feminism and warcraft, and also another great one on war in real life and war in WOW. I love my thesis topic.

I have got a crazy cool weekend planned starting tonight.



Wednesday, August 4, 2010



I've officially started my thesis. By that I mean I've opened a book on the thesis subject.

Have I even said what my thesis is yet?

Well, I'm researching/arguing the idea that Online Gaming (Particularly MMORPG games, like World of Warcraft) can inadvertently benefit the players in real life.

Awesome, right? I'm not an online gamer myself, but I'm very intrigued by it considering I know a lot of people in and out of my family who play. I don't play because I know that if I started I wouldn't be able to stop (and that's scary considering my brother sits in my Mother's house all day and plays WOW non stop...he's 23). So as I was observing other people playing these games I began to wonder what the draw was, what made it so addictive, and why were so many people playing it! WOW alone as 8.5 million players worldwide. So we have 8.5 million people dedicating most of their time and energy into this game right? We have to wonder if they're taking anything away from the game.

For instance, from talking to my brother I've heard a lot about social interaction in the game and how those who are socially outcasted in real life have a chance to be social in the gaming world. This in turn can help their social behavior outside of the game if they choose.

Also, guilds are a fantastic representation of communities and cultures. To be in a guild you have to go through a rigorous interview process to see if you fit with the beliefs and customs (but most important raiding time frame) of the guild. The process can take weeks and you need to fill out at least 2 applications. Sounds familiar, right? That's because it's similar to interviewing for a job. Is it possible that this interview process for WOW is actually HELPFUL for when a player is interviewing for a job in real life?

In one book I'm reading now, the guy who wrote it has a PhD and he is in a guild called Truants which consists of himself and other PhDs and advanced graduate students who don't only play MMORPGs, they study them. This guys also argues that WOW is so intriguing because it's a perfect simulacrum of a capitalistic society where if you work hard you will be rewarded. Real life doesn't aw lays work out this way, so the pull for some people is that the ideological capitalist system works in WOW and is also recognizable as to what should be.

Now I'm geeking out here so let's take a step back and just say my thesis is about social benefits of playing World of Warcraft. In a nut shell.

It's sort of kind of VERY AWESOME.

So BEDA day 4? On BEDA day 4 I started my thesis work. Go me.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BEDA Day 3

I'm am officially done with the first and last summer class I will ever take. It wasn't very hard...just time consuming. I mean, out of all the kinds of maths you might have to take in your schooling career, Statistics isn't so bad. It's just BORING.

I took my last quiz today though, and grades should be up in a few weeks. It was an online class so at least I didn't have to get up early every morning during summer.

Today I opened a thesis book and looked at the table of contents. Then I set it down and free played Lego Harry Potter on Wii.

Then I spent the rest of the day finding funny memes. Like these two:

Booze Cats


High Expectations Asian Father

The Internet is made of people. And people are funny.

Well I'm getting more and more screwed by the day when it comes to this thesis. My Life.


Monday, August 2, 2010

BEDA Day 2

Ah Monday's. Monday's are horrible to most of the population, but I find that Summer Monday's are great.

That is until I realized it is AUGUST. Which I should have realized yesterday but I was having too good of a time. See the thing about it being August IS THAT I HAVE TO FINISH MY LITERATURE REVIEW AND METHODS SECTION OF MY MASTERS THESIS BY SEPTEMBER 6TH!

...and I haven't worked on it all summer like I said I would...

Me in June
Good self "Hey Holly, you need to start your thesis."
Bad self "Back up yo, it's June. Classes just ended. I'm tired. Give me June to relax and read for fun, and just hang out."
Good self "I guess that's okay."

Me in July
Good self "You should really start the literature review at least."
Bad self "I know, I ordered some books for the lit review so I can work on it soon."
Good self "Soon as in now?"
Bad self "Soon as in whenever I'm done reading for fun."

Me now (and after happily finishing 17 books that I read for fun)

Good self "Done with that lit review yet?"
Bad self "Not yet"
Good self "How far are you into it"
Bad self "I haven't started."
Good self "You haven't started."
Bad self "Nope...but I still have...oh my God...I ONLY HAVE 35 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Present time

So as I'm writing this blog I'm cooking pasta and waiting for Jeopardy to start and thinking not so calmly: "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!?!"


BEDA Day 1

Oh My God is it AUGUST?!

I'm super excited that I'm doing BEDA (Blog Every Day in August) which formerly was called BEDA (Blog Every Day in April), but hey, I'm flexible.

So today I woke up at 1pm, which is just typical of a weekend. I pushed my boyfriend (Jesse) in the face and he woke up at 1:01 pm. We watched the first episode ever of Pushing Daisy's which we enjoyed immensely.

Then we drove up to Bed, Bath, and Beyond because WOW, there is this amazing thing that looks like this:

Amazing Thing

Okay it's not called 'amazing thing', it's actually a head scratcher. DON'T LOOK AT ME ALL SKEPTICAL LIKE THAT, It's actually incredible. Buy one. They're cheap, and wow they are amazing.

Then we walked across the way to World Market where we bought a pack of seasonal beer.

Then we drove a bit further to my boyfriend's parents house and gave the beer to his brother (who...likes beer?) and the head scratcher to his parents. His mother loved it, and his father refused to try it in front of people, but I know later on he's going to try it and love it.

His dad made us yummy Hawaiian burgers, and we watched the new episode of Furturama which was hilarious.

After that, we went to the new FroYo place called FroYoEarth, and I had red velvet, strawberry, pistatico, regular froyo which was...WOW. Amazing.

Then we headed back to Jesse's place and rented Hot Tub Time Machine (which had its moments of hilarity), and finished season 2 of True Blood (which is THEBESTSHOWEVER).

Yay for day 1 of BEDA!