Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are these questions meant to be answered or are they rhetorical?

Real questions asked by my real professor in one night of lecture. Don't ask me what the lecture was about...I have no idea.
All text below are things he asked and answered himself...because that's what he does.

How many miles can you travel on horse back?
7 miles per hour if you're going fast..

1865 we made the cable on board a steam ship, and that was sent from telegram in Nova Scotia to...anyone?

Do you know how you fix sub cables that break?
Well, you lay a grip hook along the ocean floor until you run into it. lots of humorous anecdotes about sub cables...but back to the point.

What year was the camera released?
What year, anybody?
1839...shocking shocking.

What got people interested in this in the first place?
It was a bet asking if all four hoofs leave the ground during a horse race?
Yes they do is the answer.

Thorstein Veblen the Norwegian born American sociologist wrote various books on business enterprise. Introduction of wide spread machines were radically transforming human life. Time was changed by machine. In fact, the whole notion of time zones emerged with the railroads.

What is time really?
The way we traditionally measure time.
It's an analog of a hand pointing at the sky as the sun moves.

It's 6:58 here so what time is it in Seattle?
Well it's about 12-15 minutes after that.

What would we do without our computers? What would we do without our jet planes? Do you have any idea how much of your food comes here on a jet plane?

How many bird species can you name by sight? How man sparrows can you differentiate? How many woodpeckers? Species of tree? Obnoxious weeds? We have a lot of interesting weeds. Constellations?

We don't know this stuff right? Because it's not important for us to know.
It's not important for us to yodel.

Why do we import apples from New Zealand here?

Do you know what Kiwi's are actually called?
Something gooseberry NZ made that fruit's name up to make them more appealing to Americans. True fact.

How many times have we actually gone to nuclear war?
More times than I can count.


Then we watched scenes from 2001: A space Odyssey and I felt like I was on drugs.

And then we watched this insane thing that...I can't even explain it...here:

Welcome to Grad School.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

(2) And now...an actual conversation

"How many ibuprofen are you supposed to take if you're in pain?"

"Like one every 3-4 hours, why?"

"I took six."

"That's okay. You can take up to eight a day if spaced out every 3-4 hours. Like I said."

"No. I took six at once."

"Like just now?"



"My knee hurt. I took three then waited 15 minutes and it still hurt so I took three more."

"Are you an idiot?"

"Why what will happen?"

"Probably nothing. Good thing you didn't take like ten. That will frack up your liver."


"Aren't you supposed to be the adult?"

"I never take ibuprofen! How am I supposed to know?"

"Oh I don't know...read the warning labels?"



"I can't believe you took six ibuprofen at once."

"Shut up!"


Friday, April 23, 2010

And now...an acutal conversation

"How was the Doctor?"

"It was odd...but okay."

"What happened?"

"They filled me full of soda water type stuff and creamy liquid stuff then they rolled me around on a table and took pictures of me."

"Sounds erotic."