Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Break

I finished my first quarter of graduate school successfully. My grades were excellent and even though it was one of the hardest three months of my life I still managed a trip to Calgary, and time with friends. I even made new friends through my grad program who will be in my classes next quarter. I have Igor and Galina (the married Russian professors) again next quarter and they're so quirky and odd I'm almost excited to see them again. I know it's going to be even harder than last quarter though, but I'm up for the challenge. I'm also taking a designing websites course which I'm really excited about. Winter quarter 2010 starts January 6th.

Winter break was fun, still a week of it left. I went to visit my great uncle and aunt in Phoenix for a few days. My uncle Jack loves to hunt so I got to walk around a house surrounded by dead mounted animals. This ranged from a Pumba wart hog to an alligator. Depressing. Then we went to the Phoenix zoo and my Uncle pointed out all the things he's shot. It was kind of like this:

Me: Oh wow! What a cute tiger! Aw it has little babies!

Jack: I shot and killed one of those before.


Nevertheless they are good people and they treated us well there.

My room got an upgrade over break. I now have a new PC which I love and a queen size bed in my room. A nice upgrade from my slow as hell lap top and my twin size kid bed I've had since I was 11. I even traded in the fishy sheets for sheets of EGYPTIAN COTTON NA NA NA NA NA NA. If you have no idea what that just was then you need to watch this, especially at 50 seconds in. Wish I could find the real video from the movie but...stupid youtube, you know...

Anyway with the room upgrade, I feel all grown up.

Christmas was a family affair. It was tolerable. I have a large family here and they tend to drive me up the wall a lot, but my cousins are great. We went over and had a huge bon fire at one of their houses that night and played the Bad Santa drinking game. Every time someone wears in that movie you have to drink. You will be GONE after the first 15 minutes. Great movie. It's my me and my Dad's go to Christmas movie next to the original Miracle on 34th street. Yes, I realize these are two completely different movies. But we like them both.

Happy New Year!


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