Thursday, December 31, 2009

An entire decade?

It took me until today to realize that this is the first time I have remembered very clearly the entire decade. Technically (being born in 1989) I was alive through the 9s but I only have really a good memory of the mid to late 90s. I get on twitter today and the trending topic is #10yearsagoI and I couldn't help but go back and reflect on the decade for me. Feel free to not get bored if you can help it.

Had a new years eve party at my house in California. I was 10 years old and not sure what y2k meant just that my parent's insane friends were scared as hell. I got to stay up till midnight and watch the ball drop for the first time which I thought was super awesome and my Dad made announcements when London and the east coast passed their new years and that all their electronics were still working. He made me stand by the phone so when it was midnight I had the honor of picking it up and saying the dial tone worked. Later in October we moved to Washington State and I vowed to leave it as soon as I turned 18.

6th grade I went from that weird freakish new kid that wore Hawaiian shirts and was from mystical CALIFORNIA to being somewhat popular. I was pretty pleased with this, but honestly didn't really like the popular kids that much, they would have been made fun of in California, let's just say that. They were WASHINGTON cool (an entirely lower level of cool at the time). Razors and Furbies finally became cool in the northwest and I was bored because those were cool like two years ago in fourth grade. Washington was boring me. I hated snow (still do) and my favorite band was LFO/BBMAK/Hoku.

I'd always liked harry Potter but this is when my Harry Potter kick really started. I saw Chamber of Secrets in theatres four times and started a Harry Potter box of all clippings in newspapers and magazines. Any news stories I could get my hands on. I ditched the popular kids and focused on my main love: Harry Potter and Hayden Christiansen in Star Wars (this later AKA NOW is a sickening thought that I even liked that horrible actor, but it began my love of Natalie Portman).

8th grade was horrible. I dropped out of all school sports and focused on club soccer. I was pretty good and made a lot of good friends traveling but I was 14 and my coach was mean so this was also the year I quit club soccer after 10 years of playing soccer.

I entered high school friendless and decided I'd go all Avril Lagvine cause she was kinda cool at the time. I was too poor to afford converse so I got off brand cons and brown cords that I wore constantly and blank tank tops. I thought I was pretty awesome. Start going to shows, make two new great friends that I still have. Played high school softball which I loved and still have my fondest memories there of high school.

Boys are complete idiots, drugs are bad, and drinking is probably not a good idea either anymore. Life lesson: Don't pay attention to what boys say, only pay attention to what they do.

Running start AKA I leave high school and get high school credits and college credits while going to community college. I also have a horrible boyfriend that is just...HORRIBLE....and I'm young and dumb so I stay with him because, "Gosh I know he loves me deep down somewhere in there!" I start making youtube videos.

Graduate high school and community college with my high school diploma and A.A degree.
Dump lame boyfriend and pick up awesome new boyfriend.

Go to the University of Washington and manage a long distance relationship successfully. Have a great on campus job and really love my major and the people in it.

Graduate University of Washington with degree in English come home and freak out because I can't find a job. Decide to go to Graduate school and get a degree in Communications...still deciding if this is a good idea or not. But I successfully completed my first and hardest quarter that's good.



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