Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm a gLeek

Today is me and my boyfriend's 2 year anniversary. What a guy to put up with me for 2whole years eh?

We were going to go some place fancy after I got out of class, and we were gonna spend like $120 on an okay meal. But I'm really not into that kind of thing. I just wanted to come over to his place, have him get the night off, and order a pizza and watch Dexter. See this is why we get along so well.

Last night I accidentally "downloaded" aka didn't click out of on time, this virus that latches onto you computer called Cyber Shield. Oh wow, did it mess up my lap top. I was up with 2:30am trying to fix it. I just finally re set it back 24 hours, but not my macafee security won't work. BAH. My boyfriends coming over in a bit and I'm gonna make him breakfast and he's gonna go through and install a ton of spybot protection and anti-virus stuff.

I took my first test of graduate school yesterday. It went pretty well even though it nearly took us all an hour to finish, we really didn't think it'd be so long with so much writing! Luckily I'm good at that. Anyway, my prof Igor Klygukanov (I call him Igor Karkaroff in my head) was kind of sick so we just briefly discussed what we read and he actually let us go at 8:30! I was so thrilled. I kind of freaked out excitedly in class and this kid was like, "Do you have somewhere to be?" To which I should have replied "Yeah, I'm totally meeting all my cool friends for drinks." But instead I said, "OMG NO! I CAN FINALLY WATCH GLEE ON T.V. TONIGHT!" In which he preceded to call me ridiculous and I said something like whatever, I'm a gLeek.

Last nights episode: amazing. The cover of "Keep holding on" was fantastic! I have a huge hate/love relationship with Sue. Who I hate, but she has the best one liners EVER. "I'm going to ruin you." "I'm going to vomit down your back." AND "I hate to see kids get emotional, unless it's from exhaustion." Also, Terry (Will's wife), her sister is HILARIOUS. You wouldn't think it cause you're too busy hating her, but she's really great. I love her ADD children.

On facebook yesterday I picked 5 people who I would form a team with and help me save the world. I chose:
The Doctor (From Doctor Who)
Hermione Granger (From Harry Potter)
Katniss Everdeen (From The Hunger Games)
Clary and Jace (From The Mortal Instruments)
Arthur Dent (From The Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy)

After I complied this list...I realized I'm a HUGE HUGE nerd. And I loved it.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Is it October already? Wow.

Soon there will be snow all over the damn driveway and I'll be pressing the garage door opener 50 times until it unfreezes and I can get out. Then there will be the massive bulid up outside the garage door that will inevitably take me 30-40 minutes to clear.

While I take out my medieval shovel and work away the layers of cold the neighboors will take out their giant snow blowers and clear the driveway and the mailbox area in less than ten minutes. They will look at me sympathetically, stop for a few seconds and consider snow blowing my driveway because it'd only take them a few minutes and it would be the nice thing to do. Well ever since we stopped mowing and watering our lawn more than twice a year, they've never helped.

Currently I'm also typing with fingerless gloves on because there is not enough money in the world to keep a heater on pre-snow months. Also, I'm on day 3 of recovery from a cold.

Clearly, I feel pretty awful about winter. Well hopefully we have another month or so until the snow hits. Until then...October is going to be a good month for me.

I feel that this is the month I will finally get a job. On the 15th is me and my boyfriend's 2 year anniversary. We're going to this super fancy restaurant which we will feel awkward about because neither of us is into that sort of thing. He took me to Jason Mraz for a gift and I'm taking him to SCARYWOOD on the 17th. It's this theme park normally called Silverwood, but they've transformed it this October to be SCARYWOOD, where everything will be haunted all the roller coasters will be open, and there will be a scary train ride and the rapids will turn into this scary monster thing. It should be fun. And cold...very cold. But fun.

Plans for Canada trip at the end of October are coming together. Me, Mandi, Jesse, Nick, and Kelly are planning to drive up to Calgary and see a show Saturday night (Halloween) and hang out and enjoy the lower drinking age and just have a good time. If we pull off the pricing and the hotel arrangements I'll be thrilled.

Speaking of Halloween (2 sentences ago), I decided to be a ZOMBIE for Halloween. Cool eh? There WILL be pictures. Have you ever heard about the year I was Princess Peach???

Well I was! It's true!

And last year I was peter I decided to go with something SCARY this year.

Anyway the band I love (Marianas Trench) is playing only in Canada (because they're canadian) and they're playing ON Halloween so it will be a dress up show...cause I said so.

Tonight, I saw ZOMBIELAND. And...HOLY CRAP. AWESOME. So good. All I have to say is: Bill Murray, hell yeah. My friend said I looked a lot like Emma Stone in Zombieland, and I kind of see it, but obviously she's a lot prettier (I mean she's an actress afterall). Anyway, what do you think?

Um, I really need to go write this paper that's due tomorrow on a bunch of stuff I read but didn't yeah...MISSED YOU BLOG!