Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Waking up late...too late

I have GOT to set a better sleep schedule for myself. I was up last night till 1 reading dramione fan fiction (you caught me). I slept wonderfully. Usually I get woken up sometime during the wee hours, then go back to bed. However, I was fortunate enough to get a full nights sleep without being woken up until my body was fully ready. Unfortunately, my body wasn't ready to wake up until 1:58 pm.

Believing that I would never sleep that late, I did not set an alarm as I should have. Once I felt awake enough, I grabbed my cell phone from under my pillow to see what time it was. Surely I had enough time for a quick work out and a shower still. Upon seeing the time, I quickly fell onto the floor, shoved on the same outfit I wore yesterday, grabbed a to-go cup of coffee, and got in the car. At this point I had 50 minutes to drive 45 minutes to a building I'd never been before on a campus I'd hardly am familiar with.

I got there around 2:50 and had 10 minutes to find this building I'd never heard of. After a quick look at some campus maps I found the building and walked in. I needed to go to the 2nd floor. Upon entry I saw that on the 1st floor I could get my picture taken for my new student ID. The downtown campus (only 15min away) is the one I'll be attending for classes and they don't have a student ID office there. This place closed at 5 so I wanted to make sure I got in to get a picture before they closed so I wouldn't have to drive all the way out there again. Besides, showing up early/on time to silly things like "orientation" makes you look too eager and freshman like. This was a graduate student orientation after all.

I ended up taking one of the worst pictures of my life (which is now permanently etched onto an ID card I'll have for the next 2-3 years) considering I still had bed head and never bothered to look in a mirror that afternoon. I ran upstairs to this orientation about 10 minutes late and ended up gaining annoyed looks from everyone in the room. Not to mention the only seat still open was in the very front. After an awkward pause from the speaker and several annoyed grunts from people as I pushed my way past to the front, orientation began. It turned out that the speaker I int erupted was the head of the graduate committee (you know the one which determines if your thesis is good enough to graduate) so it was nice to know that him and I got off to a good start.

It was all standard stuff in which we learned important numbers and people to talk to. We also learned that the average age in the room was 28 (I'm only 19 so that felt weird). Around 4:30, after receiving my flu kit, library information, and business cards, my stomach told my brain that I hadn't ate anything yet and I was starving. Although the orientation was supposed to stop at 5, it went until about 5:20.

On the way out I realized there were cookies and punch that I missed on the way in. I must have looked like a real A**hole when I lunged for these, grabbed 2 cookies and had a full cup of punch, then refilled it on the way out. Then, I forgot where I parked so I spent 20 minutes walking around the campus in search of my vehicle looking like a complete moron.

On the way home I got a call from this new movie theatre that's opening next week. I applied for a job as a joke a few weeks ago because I knew I'd never get the job. See, I worked in a movie theatre for two years, it was my first job. Pretty much I got fired from that for not a particularly FAIR reason, but nevertheless I got fired. I figured this theater would call my old theatre and ask why I left and they'd say I was fired. Naturally you can see why I assumed I'd never get this job. However, it turns out that they want an interview and since I'm poor and have no money I said "Why not?! It's not like I planned on never working at a movie theatre again!!!!!!!!!!!!" Except I did. Oh well, the economy is so bad and I SO need a job.

So my interview is next Thursday, my first class for grad school is tomorrow night and minus the whole "sleeping till 2pm" thing that I need to fix soon, things are looking up.

I'm also planning an insanely cool road trip at the end of October to Canada to see one of my favorite band Mariana's Trench. They're Canadian (obviously) so they don't play shows in America but I live 2 hours from the border so I'm going to drive the eight hours to Calgary for the weekend with some friends. It should be fun. Plus the drinking age in Canada is 19, so what's not to love about a weekend away?


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Good luck with the interview!