Saturday, September 12, 2009

Portals and Weddings

Twitter is down. And rather than read my school books ahead of time (which I really should do because they make absolutely NO sense to me), I decided to write in my blog.

Last night I went over to my boyfriends apartment to find him playing his x box. He was playing this character who had a gun that shot holes in the wall.

Me: Oh my god are you shooting portals out of that gun?!?!
Him: Yeah you make portals and try to escape these computers with lasers by being sneaky with your portal making.
Me: Sounds like a bit of a puzzle game, what's it called?
Him: Portal.

For some reason I found this hilarious. The entire game is just him shooting portals out of a gun and it's called portal. I mean at least the game description fits the title.

I got up bright and early today (11 AM, yes I'm pathetic) and put on this fancy dress I bought yesterday at Macy's. I put some tiny braids in my hair, kissed my sleeping boyfriend on the forehead, and drove away to pick up my friend Roxy. We were going to a wedding!

We thought that rather than drag our boyfriends along we'd just go together since we both knew the bride and they didn't.

Like all good procrastinators we left a bit early to drive to Target and get a wedding gift. We printed out a wedding registry and quickly scanned for items that hadn't been bought yet, and were under $20.

Roxy: Ooo look we can get them a shower curtain, it's only $19!
Me: Perfect!

We headed to the bath isle.

Me: Found it!
Roxy: Cool, oh we should get the little plastic thing that goes inside the shower for them, it's on their list and it's only $6.99.
Me: Well, alright.
Roxy: Oh! And they asked for shower rings too! We can't get them a curtain without shower rings.
Me: Yeah I guess that would be weird.

So we bought all three.

Roxy: We didn't bring anything to wrap it with.
Me: Crap you're we could just buy a bag?
Roxy: No! Look they have magical BOXES! They're only .99 cents!
Me: Oh that is magical! Okay, now all we need is a card now.

We left the store $60 more poor than we were before. Expensive shower stuff apparently. We proceeded to wrap the gift and sign the card on the back of the trunk. Then we realized that the box WOULD NOT fit everything inside. So, Roxy ran back inside to get a bag.

We then left the bag in the car to go to Bath and Body Works to make ourselves smell good for the wedding and to put on some of their make up. Everything is better when it's free.

We both hadn't ate yet so we went into Safeway to grab Lunchables which I hadn't had since I was a kid. I made my cracker, cheese, turkey, cracker sandwiches and shoved them down my throat then drove quickly to the wedding.

The wedding itself was really pretty. I saw a ton of old friends which was a lot of fun. There were these two WAY creepy guys who kept dancing up on me and Roxy and Roxy finally just told them to f*** off cause they were creepy as hell. They reminded me distinctly of those guys from Night at the Roxbury. Funny...but creepy.

Thursday I went to the oral surgeon and he said the antibiotics I'd been taking for my infection post-wisdom teeth removal have worked and I'm all better now. That is such a relief, but seriously, it took an entire month for me to fully recover. Madness.

Despite the 7 books I listed last time as *in progress of reading* I went out and spent $30 on The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I feel bad...well okay not really...but I really didn't NEED them quite yet. I just felt like I did...a lot.

Anyway, my feet hurt from dancing, and my wallet hurts from just about everything I paid for today. Ah well, what's money for friends sake?



Megan said...

i hate when registeries are sneaky like that! shower curtins without rings!

i had an engagement party two weeks ago and on the reg was things like "bowl $6.99" and I thought perfect! cheap! excellent! until i saw the quantity: 10, 20, 50, something ridicolous.

you can't buy one cuz its stupid but buying 100 would cost thousands.

stupid sneaky registeries!

Hollishillis said...