Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life 'N stuff (I'm such a poet)


Hello, blog. Sorry it's been so long, but so much has happened! Okay, not really but let's start with my new car.

First of all it's not new. It's a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. BUT it only has 75,000 miles on it and it only cost me $5,600 which is great because that means NO CAR PAYMENTS! Which is heavenly to someone who only works once every two weeks.

That's right, I finally started working at the college football games. I made the best mistake ever of wearing blue on the first day when the home team is red and the opposing team was blue. I don't pay much attention to football, I just sell people water. It took me two days to recover from slugging around a huge box of bottled water, and marching up and down metal bleachers screaming at anyone who listened that I indeed had bottled water and it was in fact iced cold and only $3.

At the end of the day I got $30 in cash, which isn't enough to buy a wedding present, but enough to buy gas for the next 2 weeks until I work the next home game.

Saturday, my friend from high school is getting married. I haven't bought a gift yet, but the wedding doesn't start until 3pm so I assume I can just take care of that small problem earlier in the day. Thank you for credit cards. What's $40 more charged to my card when I've racked up $12,000 in debt for student loans?

I'm currently trying to read:
The Hobbit
Making social science matter
No one belongs here more than you
The scandal of the season
Mein kampf
Theorizing communication
Then we came to the end

2/7 of those are school books. I'll let you figure out which ones they are.

I've got a dress for the wedding that is currently residing in SLC, UT which I need here on my doorstep by 12pm Saturday.
I've got 2 threadless t-shirts on the way (which I'm thrilled about)
And I've just received new boots that I ordered online in the mail today (YAY!)
There is something magical about Fed-Ex and UPS when they just deliver big boxes of goodies for you and you can track their progress online. It's better than Santa!

I did officially receive my letter of acceptance into the Master of Science in Communications program (by the way). Classes start on the 23rd, they're all night classes (so I get to sleep in...YES!), and they're at the downtown campus so instead of a 40 minute commute I only have to drive 15 minutes.

I still have no solid income but...
Things are coming together.



Megan said...

congrats about the course! thats fantastic!
and yes, all hail credit cards!
and congrats about the car!

and don't wear any more blue :P stick to the home team colour lol

Hollishillis said...

haha thanks for the advice and the well wishes!