Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jason Mraz and My Grandma. Yeah that's right.

Hello all! I am feeling MUCH better than I was last blog post. I took Megan's advice (thanks) and I talked to a few professors and my head of department and it looks like I won't be going to a mental hospital at the end of the quarter due to a nervous breakdown after all.

Although classes are extremely hard, I know as long as I do my best and stop comparing my intelligence to others I'll be okay. I spent every spare second this weekend doing homework and I have a better grasp on what communications is and what is expected of me in this program.

Anyway, let's NOT talk about school because that's all that has been consuming my thoughts lately.

Friday, my amazing boyfriend took me to see Jason Mraz live for our 2 year anniversary. How cool is that? Jason Mraz is an amazing person (very selfless and cool) and he is a great singer (better live than on track).

However, I was kind of bored with him live, and I hate to say that because I mean it's Jason Mraz FTW. He just played all of his songs in a weird way I'd never heard before. I mean I know you're bored with playing the remedy over and over, but I just want to hear you do the original (IIIII IIIII WON'T I WON'T WORRY MY LIFE A WAY EH EH OH OH NO). Instead he had to do this Rastafarian version that didn't even really work so no one could get into it or sing along. He did this with EVERY SINGLE SONG. Some were better than others but STILL.

He also didn't play these songs that I absolutely love:
Geek in the Pink
Curbside Prophet
Did you get my message
You and I both
Too much food
Mr. Curiosity

I WANTED TO HEAR THESE SOOOO BAD. STILL it was worth it. I finally got to see him live and he is just so damn talented. The best part of the night was when he broke out into a full on opera voice! I KID YOU NOT. He did SO good. It was truly incredible, he really has a voice. Even my boyfriend, who isn't a fan of Mraz, was very impressed.

Afterwards we went back to my boyfriends place and watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit because we do really awesome things like that sometimes. I hadn't seen that movie in so long.

On Saturday I did homework until I drove out to my Grandma's for dinner. Have I told you about my Grandma? Because she is unlike any Grandma you know. For one, she lives in this giant house in the "country" aka a VERY small town about 35 minutes away from the city. She has a barn and cool pond and a ton of trees and land. It's really a cool place where I've spent a lot of my childhood.

Now with this picture of her house in mind you're probably expecting her to be the kind that bakes homemade cookies (wrong she bakes homemade bread), and slips you $1 bills and tells you not to spend it all in one place. Not quite

Well try a Grandma who cooks amazing food from all over the world, and slips you plane tickets for trips to places like (for some reason blogger wanted these to be huge...sorry):







and when she's not in a foreign country with you she's in a foreign country by herself exploring all there is to see in the world. She just got back from Pakistan and is planning a trip to the Mediterranean (for the 3rd time) next month. She has pictures all over her house of her riding camels around the desert with pyramids in the background, and skydiving, well you get the picture. She's pretty much the coolest. So that was Saturday night.

Then on Sunday I went out to my boyfriend's parents house for dinner with his parents and his brother's girlfriend. We were told old stories about how my boyfriend's younger brother (who is 21 now) was an unintentional animal hurter when he was little (example: he launched 2 kittens off a spring so they flew in the air and blood came out of their eyes, and he drenched a kitty in a bucket of lighter fluid). No animals died on his behalf, but he sure gave some a scare. He explained himself like this:

"Okay first of all I liked the first 2 kittens and I wanted to have fun with them on the spring launcher just like I did with my beanie babies, and the lighter fluid just happened to be in the bucket which I placed the other cat while I went to go find my mom to show her I found a cat!"

This resulted in a lot of laughter and Josh's girlfriend giving him fake horrified looks. I am so lucky my boyfriend's family is so cool. I love them all.

Anyway, today and tomorrow I'm back to the class that makes me cry. Hoping for better results...


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Megan said...


i rock!

thanks for the shout-out girl! :D

i do hope you feel better.

just keep thinking: they're over the hill, you're so young! :D:D enough to put a massive smile on your face!

that's awesome about your grandma! she sounds fantastic!

Australia no less! Did you like it?

Sydney is pretty cool, but Melbourne is better :P