Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jason Mraz and My Grandma. Yeah that's right.

Hello all! I am feeling MUCH better than I was last blog post. I took Megan's advice (thanks) and I talked to a few professors and my head of department and it looks like I won't be going to a mental hospital at the end of the quarter due to a nervous breakdown after all.

Although classes are extremely hard, I know as long as I do my best and stop comparing my intelligence to others I'll be okay. I spent every spare second this weekend doing homework and I have a better grasp on what communications is and what is expected of me in this program.

Anyway, let's NOT talk about school because that's all that has been consuming my thoughts lately.

Friday, my amazing boyfriend took me to see Jason Mraz live for our 2 year anniversary. How cool is that? Jason Mraz is an amazing person (very selfless and cool) and he is a great singer (better live than on track).

However, I was kind of bored with him live, and I hate to say that because I mean it's Jason Mraz FTW. He just played all of his songs in a weird way I'd never heard before. I mean I know you're bored with playing the remedy over and over, but I just want to hear you do the original (IIIII IIIII WON'T I WON'T WORRY MY LIFE A WAY EH EH OH OH NO). Instead he had to do this Rastafarian version that didn't even really work so no one could get into it or sing along. He did this with EVERY SINGLE SONG. Some were better than others but STILL.

He also didn't play these songs that I absolutely love:
Geek in the Pink
Curbside Prophet
Did you get my message
You and I both
Too much food
Mr. Curiosity

I WANTED TO HEAR THESE SOOOO BAD. STILL it was worth it. I finally got to see him live and he is just so damn talented. The best part of the night was when he broke out into a full on opera voice! I KID YOU NOT. He did SO good. It was truly incredible, he really has a voice. Even my boyfriend, who isn't a fan of Mraz, was very impressed.

Afterwards we went back to my boyfriends place and watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit because we do really awesome things like that sometimes. I hadn't seen that movie in so long.

On Saturday I did homework until I drove out to my Grandma's for dinner. Have I told you about my Grandma? Because she is unlike any Grandma you know. For one, she lives in this giant house in the "country" aka a VERY small town about 35 minutes away from the city. She has a barn and cool pond and a ton of trees and land. It's really a cool place where I've spent a lot of my childhood.

Now with this picture of her house in mind you're probably expecting her to be the kind that bakes homemade cookies (wrong she bakes homemade bread), and slips you $1 bills and tells you not to spend it all in one place. Not quite

Well try a Grandma who cooks amazing food from all over the world, and slips you plane tickets for trips to places like (for some reason blogger wanted these to be huge...sorry):







and when she's not in a foreign country with you she's in a foreign country by herself exploring all there is to see in the world. She just got back from Pakistan and is planning a trip to the Mediterranean (for the 3rd time) next month. She has pictures all over her house of her riding camels around the desert with pyramids in the background, and skydiving, well you get the picture. She's pretty much the coolest. So that was Saturday night.

Then on Sunday I went out to my boyfriend's parents house for dinner with his parents and his brother's girlfriend. We were told old stories about how my boyfriend's younger brother (who is 21 now) was an unintentional animal hurter when he was little (example: he launched 2 kittens off a spring so they flew in the air and blood came out of their eyes, and he drenched a kitty in a bucket of lighter fluid). No animals died on his behalf, but he sure gave some a scare. He explained himself like this:

"Okay first of all I liked the first 2 kittens and I wanted to have fun with them on the spring launcher just like I did with my beanie babies, and the lighter fluid just happened to be in the bucket which I placed the other cat while I went to go find my mom to show her I found a cat!"

This resulted in a lot of laughter and Josh's girlfriend giving him fake horrified looks. I am so lucky my boyfriend's family is so cool. I love them all.

Anyway, today and tomorrow I'm back to the class that makes me cry. Hoping for better results...


Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is my personal hell

I had my first class as a graduate student on Wednesday. I wanted to blog immediately after, but I decided to wait until after my class today just in case it went better and I had something good to talk about.

It did not go better. You know when you walk into a room and right away you can tell that everyone else has something you don't? Let me give you examples of this from my own personal experience over the past two days.

First, everyone in my class is older than me. Now I'm used to this, being 19 and having already earned my B.A. Degree. However, I'd say the median age range in all of my classes is about oh...maybe 27?

Second, they all know each other. They have all attended this specific university before as undergraduates or they've been in the program as a graduate student for awhile now. They have either taken classes with each other before, or have taken classes with the professor before. Oh and they have ALL at least taken one course in communications. No matter how basic.

Third, they all use big words and smarty pants theories I've never even heard of before. Even the Professors. Do you know anything about the "Dreyfus model for skill acquisition" or "Neo-Aristotelian rhetorical criticism" or "Double Hermeneutics"? ME EITHER! There is a list like this of 60 terms all just as weird and confusing that I have to memorize (and their definitions) by the end of the quarter (plus loads more stuff I WON'T go into detail about because you'd be so unbelievable bored and you might faint).

Fourth, they all have thought about their thesis. You know a thesis. That huge thing you have to do at THE END of your graduate career. That thing that all your classes PREPARE you for. Well apparently everyone here is a genius who has already thought about these things (OBVIOUSLY). And the Professors just assume you've thought about it too! In fact they assume you know nearly EVERYTHING about communications cause hey! this is all a review for you right? Right! They also know everything about theory and this philosopher and that writer and what's that? You want them to write their thesis based around "classical genre rhetorical criticism", oh that's no problem. Cause they know these things (DUH EVERYONE DOES). They live and breathe these things. And when one girl says "Oh I'm mostly interested in late structuralism with a slight emphasis on Phronesis." The teacher just jokes, "Oh that's okay WE won't hold that against you!" Because it's a joke! Because they all know what it means and that it's funny and hahah hahahaha hahaha ahhahahhaha. WONDERFUL.

I have to come up with a thesis in a specific field of communication by Wednesday (never mind that I don't know ANY fields of communication because all my professors just assume everyone knows). Plus a MOUNTAIN of reading and homework that I hardly understand. I won't go into details because you might die if I do.

Basically: Bad mood.

Basically: I cried all over my Dad when I got home.

Basically: Not even blast o butter popcorn and Doctor Who made me feel better.

Basically: Welcome to Grad school.

Basically: FML


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Waking up late...too late

I have GOT to set a better sleep schedule for myself. I was up last night till 1 reading dramione fan fiction (you caught me). I slept wonderfully. Usually I get woken up sometime during the wee hours, then go back to bed. However, I was fortunate enough to get a full nights sleep without being woken up until my body was fully ready. Unfortunately, my body wasn't ready to wake up until 1:58 pm.

Believing that I would never sleep that late, I did not set an alarm as I should have. Once I felt awake enough, I grabbed my cell phone from under my pillow to see what time it was. Surely I had enough time for a quick work out and a shower still. Upon seeing the time, I quickly fell onto the floor, shoved on the same outfit I wore yesterday, grabbed a to-go cup of coffee, and got in the car. At this point I had 50 minutes to drive 45 minutes to a building I'd never been before on a campus I'd hardly am familiar with.

I got there around 2:50 and had 10 minutes to find this building I'd never heard of. After a quick look at some campus maps I found the building and walked in. I needed to go to the 2nd floor. Upon entry I saw that on the 1st floor I could get my picture taken for my new student ID. The downtown campus (only 15min away) is the one I'll be attending for classes and they don't have a student ID office there. This place closed at 5 so I wanted to make sure I got in to get a picture before they closed so I wouldn't have to drive all the way out there again. Besides, showing up early/on time to silly things like "orientation" makes you look too eager and freshman like. This was a graduate student orientation after all.

I ended up taking one of the worst pictures of my life (which is now permanently etched onto an ID card I'll have for the next 2-3 years) considering I still had bed head and never bothered to look in a mirror that afternoon. I ran upstairs to this orientation about 10 minutes late and ended up gaining annoyed looks from everyone in the room. Not to mention the only seat still open was in the very front. After an awkward pause from the speaker and several annoyed grunts from people as I pushed my way past to the front, orientation began. It turned out that the speaker I int erupted was the head of the graduate committee (you know the one which determines if your thesis is good enough to graduate) so it was nice to know that him and I got off to a good start.

It was all standard stuff in which we learned important numbers and people to talk to. We also learned that the average age in the room was 28 (I'm only 19 so that felt weird). Around 4:30, after receiving my flu kit, library information, and business cards, my stomach told my brain that I hadn't ate anything yet and I was starving. Although the orientation was supposed to stop at 5, it went until about 5:20.

On the way out I realized there were cookies and punch that I missed on the way in. I must have looked like a real A**hole when I lunged for these, grabbed 2 cookies and had a full cup of punch, then refilled it on the way out. Then, I forgot where I parked so I spent 20 minutes walking around the campus in search of my vehicle looking like a complete moron.

On the way home I got a call from this new movie theatre that's opening next week. I applied for a job as a joke a few weeks ago because I knew I'd never get the job. See, I worked in a movie theatre for two years, it was my first job. Pretty much I got fired from that for not a particularly FAIR reason, but nevertheless I got fired. I figured this theater would call my old theatre and ask why I left and they'd say I was fired. Naturally you can see why I assumed I'd never get this job. However, it turns out that they want an interview and since I'm poor and have no money I said "Why not?! It's not like I planned on never working at a movie theatre again!!!!!!!!!!!!" Except I did. Oh well, the economy is so bad and I SO need a job.

So my interview is next Thursday, my first class for grad school is tomorrow night and minus the whole "sleeping till 2pm" thing that I need to fix soon, things are looking up.

I'm also planning an insanely cool road trip at the end of October to Canada to see one of my favorite band Mariana's Trench. They're Canadian (obviously) so they don't play shows in America but I live 2 hours from the border so I'm going to drive the eight hours to Calgary for the weekend with some friends. It should be fun. Plus the drinking age in Canada is 19, so what's not to love about a weekend away?


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Short Blog

I began writing this blog at 4:55pm while I eat my breakfast, which consists of Cheerios. I was afraid once classes start (on the 23rd) this ritual of waking up sometime after noon will be over. However, upon closer look at my schedule I discovered I have all night classes, which absoltely thrills me. This will become a regular event then and I am very pleased with this prospect.

I started watching Vampire Diaries last week. I very much like it. It's a little cheesy but I give it props for being completely based on this book series called Vampire Diaries that came out in the 90s. Makes it more original and I give it more credit, that even thoguh it is kinda similar to Twilight it's story line DID come first so.

I also read and finished The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins in 2 days. They were amazing. It's the first book in a long time I haven't been able to put down or stop thinking about. I suggest you all read it.

Thanks to Maureen Johnson, I can't stop singing the combination pizza hut and taco bell song and it's annoying everyone around me. Job well done, I say, since I believe it was her intention in the first place.

Short blog, but I will make up for it later.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Portals and Weddings

Twitter is down. And rather than read my school books ahead of time (which I really should do because they make absolutely NO sense to me), I decided to write in my blog.

Last night I went over to my boyfriends apartment to find him playing his x box. He was playing this character who had a gun that shot holes in the wall.

Me: Oh my god are you shooting portals out of that gun?!?!
Him: Yeah you make portals and try to escape these computers with lasers by being sneaky with your portal making.
Me: Sounds like a bit of a puzzle game, what's it called?
Him: Portal.

For some reason I found this hilarious. The entire game is just him shooting portals out of a gun and it's called portal. I mean at least the game description fits the title.

I got up bright and early today (11 AM, yes I'm pathetic) and put on this fancy dress I bought yesterday at Macy's. I put some tiny braids in my hair, kissed my sleeping boyfriend on the forehead, and drove away to pick up my friend Roxy. We were going to a wedding!

We thought that rather than drag our boyfriends along we'd just go together since we both knew the bride and they didn't.

Like all good procrastinators we left a bit early to drive to Target and get a wedding gift. We printed out a wedding registry and quickly scanned for items that hadn't been bought yet, and were under $20.

Roxy: Ooo look we can get them a shower curtain, it's only $19!
Me: Perfect!

We headed to the bath isle.

Me: Found it!
Roxy: Cool, oh we should get the little plastic thing that goes inside the shower for them, it's on their list and it's only $6.99.
Me: Well, alright.
Roxy: Oh! And they asked for shower rings too! We can't get them a curtain without shower rings.
Me: Yeah I guess that would be weird.

So we bought all three.

Roxy: We didn't bring anything to wrap it with.
Me: Crap you're right...um we could just buy a bag?
Roxy: No! Look they have magical BOXES! They're only .99 cents!
Me: Oh that is magical! Okay, now all we need is a card now.

We left the store $60 more poor than we were before. Expensive shower stuff apparently. We proceeded to wrap the gift and sign the card on the back of the trunk. Then we realized that the box WOULD NOT fit everything inside. So, Roxy ran back inside to get a bag.

We then left the bag in the car to go to Bath and Body Works to make ourselves smell good for the wedding and to put on some of their make up. Everything is better when it's free.

We both hadn't ate yet so we went into Safeway to grab Lunchables which I hadn't had since I was a kid. I made my cracker, cheese, turkey, cracker sandwiches and shoved them down my throat then drove quickly to the wedding.

The wedding itself was really pretty. I saw a ton of old friends which was a lot of fun. There were these two WAY creepy guys who kept dancing up on me and Roxy and Roxy finally just told them to f*** off cause they were creepy as hell. They reminded me distinctly of those guys from Night at the Roxbury. Funny...but creepy.

Thursday I went to the oral surgeon and he said the antibiotics I'd been taking for my infection post-wisdom teeth removal have worked and I'm all better now. That is such a relief, but seriously, it took an entire month for me to fully recover. Madness.

Despite the 7 books I listed last time as *in progress of reading* I went out and spent $30 on The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I feel bad...well okay not really...but I really didn't NEED them quite yet. I just felt like I did...a lot.

Anyway, my feet hurt from dancing, and my wallet hurts from just about everything I paid for today. Ah well, what's money for friends sake?


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life 'N stuff (I'm such a poet)


Hello, blog. Sorry it's been so long, but so much has happened! Okay, not really but let's start with my new car.

First of all it's not new. It's a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. BUT it only has 75,000 miles on it and it only cost me $5,600 which is great because that means NO CAR PAYMENTS! Which is heavenly to someone who only works once every two weeks.

That's right, I finally started working at the college football games. I made the best mistake ever of wearing blue on the first day when the home team is red and the opposing team was blue. I don't pay much attention to football, I just sell people water. It took me two days to recover from slugging around a huge box of bottled water, and marching up and down metal bleachers screaming at anyone who listened that I indeed had bottled water and it was in fact iced cold and only $3.

At the end of the day I got $30 in cash, which isn't enough to buy a wedding present, but enough to buy gas for the next 2 weeks until I work the next home game.

Saturday, my friend from high school is getting married. I haven't bought a gift yet, but the wedding doesn't start until 3pm so I assume I can just take care of that small problem earlier in the day. Thank you for credit cards. What's $40 more charged to my card when I've racked up $12,000 in debt for student loans?

I'm currently trying to read:
The Hobbit
Making social science matter
No one belongs here more than you
The scandal of the season
Mein kampf
Theorizing communication
Then we came to the end

2/7 of those are school books. I'll let you figure out which ones they are.

I've got a dress for the wedding that is currently residing in SLC, UT which I need here on my doorstep by 12pm Saturday.
I've got 2 threadless t-shirts on the way (which I'm thrilled about)
And I've just received new boots that I ordered online in the mail today (YAY!)
There is something magical about Fed-Ex and UPS when they just deliver big boxes of goodies for you and you can track their progress online. It's better than Santa!

I did officially receive my letter of acceptance into the Master of Science in Communications program (by the way). Classes start on the 23rd, they're all night classes (so I get to sleep in...YES!), and they're at the downtown campus so instead of a 40 minute commute I only have to drive 15 minutes.

I still have no solid income but...
Things are coming together.