Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Let's start from the beginning shall we?

Thursday night I went INTO bed at 11:30...didn't sleep till 1:30...woke up at 4:30...woke up at 7:30...alarm went off at 8:30 Friday morning. A night full of crappy sleep. I was too tired to really care about getting my teeth removed, and more excited to be put BACK to sleep at this point.

9AM, 20 minutes before removal. Clearly I'm thrilled.

I started to get nervous once we got there. They put this scary plastic hospital thing on my wrist. It all felt very serious. I hugged my Dad like a little girl then headed on into the back room.

A lady came in and put some round sticky things on me to monitor my breathing. One on the left side of my chest one on the right side and one on my lower right stomach. She put a metal thing on my pointer finger, and 2 tubes in my nose which flowed in extra oxygen and dried it out uncomfortably. Then she left. It was kind of awkward because she didn't really tell me what all that stuff was for I just kind of guessed.

Then the needle lady came in. My heart rate beeping increased. I don't really have a fear of needles, and they don't bother me that badly, but who exactly WANTS to have a needle put in them: I don't. I asked if she was used to that, her coming in and people's heart rate elevating. She laughed and said she liked to think it was because she was attractive. I laughed because that was awkward for me to hear.

Anyway she put this blue band above my right arm and she stuck the needle in. Easy peasy. She hooked up the needle to a bag full of sugar and water. It apparently helped me hydrate since I couldn't eat or drink the night before. It also was used to mix the medicine with. She took the needle out and placed a tube in its place and said I was all set.

Then the dentist man and two dentist women came in and introduced themselves. After that it went something like this:

Me: Did you bring the good stuff?
Him: Yep we'll get you back to sleep here in just a second.
*I watched him inject the pack with anesthetic.*
Me: Do you guys always laugh at this part...when people just fall asleep suddenly?
Woman #1: My favorite part is when we wake people up.
Me: Haha oh.
*I watched the medicine flow down the tube and into my arm*
Woman #2: Now Holly, tell me when you start to get sleepy.
Me: Okay.
Me 5 seconds later: *the room starts to spin and I suddenly feel more tired than I ever have in my entire life* Oh my god what the fuck is this?

Yeah I was informed later I actually said that before I fell asleep. I seriously remember nothing until I woke up in my bed an hour and half after the medicine got to me.

I was hallucinating so bad...but it was awesome, my favorite part of the entire experience so far. The only thing I remember *and I thought I was dreaming this until my dad confirmed it actually happened* is that I was in a room facing a wall trying not to fall over and this girl next to me kept trying to leave the room and my Dad and another lady were trying to stop her. And I remember falling over on my Dad in the car ride home and he almost hit these three girls.

What happened is they woke me up and took me to a recovery room. Then I was in there with this girl and her mom and my dad. I was so out of it and my dad had to keep pushing my back so I wouldn't fall over on my face. And apparently the girl next to me kept trying to escape *she was also recovering from anesthetic*. Then we got in the car and I kept hallucinating that there were these three creepy triplet girls and my Dad kept almost hitting them! Then I was falling over on him while he was driving and he had to stop twice and put me in the back seat so I would stop hitting the wheel. I asked him to call my boyfriend twice, which he did. Then we got home and my Dad asked if I could walk up the stairs.

Me: Yeah, I'm not retarded *I said this VERY slurred*

Then he got out to open the door and I passed out. So he carried me up the stairs like a baby. I woke up and once I realized I was in my bed I heard the TV in the other room and I remembered I had to call Jesse. So I called Jesse *my boyfriend* twice apparently and he told me he was coming over, my dad already called him. Then I called my cousin Mandi and that meany put me on speaker phone I was slurring everywhere. Her whole family was making fun of me. Then I called my brother. Then my dad heard me talking on the phone then he took the phone away.

Then I slept. When I woke up all the good happy feelings were gone and I felt horrible. I looked a bit like this:

Gauze in my mouth, swallowing my own blood, and face throbbing.

Jesse: Your dad left to go get some.

Band-Aid where they put the IV in and my patient bracelet.

Then I fell back to sleep.
I woke up only to find that Jesse left for a bit while I slept and my Dad was back. I couldn't take pain meds till I ate something. I was mad cause I wasn't hungry just in pain. I didn't feel like eating chocolate pudding and my blood.

So I choked down a smoothie and swallowed a pill. Then Jesse came back over and me and him and my Dad watched Sling Blade *good movie*. I felt like I was going to throw up 4 times because of the meds, but didn't thankfully. Then I choked down a yogurt around 10:30 so I could take one last pain pill before bed. Jesse helped me change my gauze and helped me swish salt water in my mouth to help fight infection. Then he tucked me in and didn't leave till I fell asleep. BEST BOYFRIEND EVER!

I woke up today after a nice pain med induced sleep. My face is SO sore and my jaw is inflamed but most my bleeding has stopped. Mostly, I'm just in pain. I took my anti-inflammatory pill. I have to eat to take my pain meds and I'm not ready to eat yet. I just feel awful.

Dad made me a smoothie...but I'm using it to keep my face from hurting.

Let's hope things get better tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

OMG what an ordeal. Hopefully you are doing better.

Marvelous Maggie said...

Oh my gosh. This was hilarious! But then really sad because you don't feel good and also scary because I have to get my wisdom teeth out next summer! Ah!

Hollishillis said...

Maggie: Haha yeah it's funny and the actual removal and getting put to sleep is great. It's once you get home and wake up...then it's all downhill...

Patti: I hope I'm 100% better by wednesday!!!!!!

N/A said...
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