Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Deepest Darkest Secret! Okay...kind of...

I've been so busy. Like soooo busy. Like I'm so busy and cool I haven't been able to update my blog.

Holly, what have you been doing that has been keeping you from your blog, you ask.
Good question.

Okay, well...okay well honestly I haven't been THAT busy. And by THAT busy I mean for the past 3 days I reverted back to my famous 8th grade habit of...well...okay...of reading harrypotterdramionefanfiction.

I can't help it. I have this secret yearning for a softer side to the oh so sexy Draco. And I can't help but fantasise that Hermione and Draco were a Romeo and Juliet story only with a happy ending.

So I've been re-reading all of my favorite completed dramione fan fictions that I haven't read in years. And I'm becoming slightly obsessed by this. It's consumed my every thoughts. No more of this comparing men to Edward Cullen (that was so 3 years ago). Now I keep comparing men on TV and in real life to my fictional fan-fictional Draco Malfoy.

You know the one who was always misunderstood, the one who's father and mother never cared about him, so he lashed out at others. Or maybe the one who always loved Hermione but could never tell her or be with her so he lashed out at her. Or the one who saved Hermione from all of her problems (and those problems can rank from Harry and Ron suddenly ignoring her to some great intense mental disorder). Or the Draco and Hermione who were friends growing up but didn't know it then finally realized it in their 6th year. Or the Draco and Hermione who become head boy and girl and have to learn to get along in shared dormitories (which never was mentioned at all in the books that hb and hg get shared dorms but props to whoever came up with it because it's the most overly used plot line out there). OR the Draco who is a veela/unicorn/centaur/vampire and he can't NOT stay away from the suddenly HOT GOTH Hermione. You know that one...

Anyway that is what I've been doing. MARVELOUS Maggie http://marvelousmaggie.blogspot.com has tweeted a request that I update my blog so I have. I have divulged to you my deepest secret of love for dramione fan fiction. You can all thank Maggie for that.

As far as Grad school goes I have turned in my application materials in full. Now I just have to wait for the school to receive them, then I will have my official interview and if that goes well then I get in! Fingers crossed because my GRE didn't go well and now I'm really nervous!

Take care all!


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Marvelous Maggie said...

You have the coolest deepest, darkest secret ever. I love it. I don't feel you on the Dramione thing, but I totally feel you about Draco in general. My favorite fan-fiction is about Sirius when he's in school. I like Sirius.

And THANK YOU for updating. :) Like, nobody had updated in forever and I was getting depressed, haha. I love to read everyone's blogs.

I hope all that with grad school goes well!