Saturday, August 1, 2009

I don't think I'll ever escape schooling

Remember the temp job? Where I'll be handing out beer to drunk college kids at their football games. That might be more permanent.

"But Holly, you said it would be so temporary it's not even funny, what are you trying to say?"

Hold on anxius reader. What I'm trying to say that...hold on let me back up a bit otherwise this won't make sense.

*Graduation day of High School* June 2007
Dad: Now you can go finish up getting that AA degree!

*Graduation day of Associate Degree* December 2007
Dad: Now you can go get that BA degree!
Me: hm.

*Graduation day of Bachelor Degree*
Dad: Now you can go get that Graduate Degree!
Me: I think I'm done Dad.
Dad: We'll see how you feel about that once you can't find a job.

*August 1, 2009*
Me: There are no jobs.
Dad: Time to consider that Grad Degree.
Me: Maybe, I just don't want to be in more debt.
Dad: Well if you went to the local college and lived at home you'd be saving me $10,000.
Me: Yeah dorm costs killed us when I went away to college to get my BA.
Dad: And the local college has $2,000 less expense a quarter than your last college did.
Me: What are you getting at?
*Did some calculations in head*
Dad: Well if you're up for it, I'd be willing to give you a free ride for your grad degree at the local college. Since the job market sucks you might as well slave away getting a degree than selling beer to college kids. Now YOU can be the drunk college kid who gets beer sold to!
Me: I'm only 19.
Dad: And you can have you grad degree by the time you're 21! THEN be a drunk graduate degree graduate! WHAT SAY YOU!


So I will be working on campus *if I get in to grad school...applying currently* with a job that is normally embarrassing but since I'm going to school it hardly is! This could be good. I think the only thing holding me back was money, and since my dad wants to pay for it...why not let him? Shoot!

However, I'm finding the application process EXTREMELY HARD. I'll post more on THAT later thought...



Marvelous Maggie said...

Dad: And you can have you grad degree by the time you're 21! THEN be a drunk graduate degree graduate! WHAT SAY YOU?!

Hahaha, that part made me laugh. Good luck with all of this! It sounds super exciting, especially since your dad's paying for it.


Hollishillis said...

I know I'm so grateful. I hope I get in. This process of applying is WAY hard.

Megan said...

What a fantastic opporunity.

and your dad's right, the job market sucks right now.

and anything's better than serving beer to drunks, right?!

good luck with the apps - you'll ace them!

modelmotion said...

Does VG15 count as experience for your application? It really should:)