Thursday, August 27, 2009

A bit of Portland and A New Blog

Did I tell you all that I went dirt biking in Portland? For the first time ever? And I didn't die?

Me, not dying.

Portland is land full of magical things.

Like food booths open from 8:30-3am full of deep fried things like deep fried peanut butter and chocolate chip pie. And double fried french fries. My body is still recovering from the deep fried goodness.

And if you're ever in Portland you Must go to Powell's books. It's a giant book store that takes up a full city block. EVERY BOOK EVER IMAGINABLE RESIDES INSIDE. With color coded sections and 3 floors full of love.

So yesterday I was bored and browsing and I could NOT stop laughing at some of the story lines that people come up with. Now I'm all for creativity and you've got to start somewhere if you want to be a writer. No one just wakes up and writes an incredible story. It takes practice, which makes not perfect...but better. So I didn't judge too harshly as some of these people might be just starting out in the writing department. BUT STILL, some story lines were just TOO much for me.

So in honor of the worlds most amazingly bad story lines of fan fiction I have started a new blog as a side project in which each post I will list 10 of my most favorite (awesomely bad) story descriptions from a book/movie/TVshow fanfiction with your favorite characters.

My first one is harry potter draco/hermione. Now this will change. I might to harry potter again but with different characters. I also will do twilight/gossip girl/lord of the rings/ mortal instruments etc. Pretty much I will definitely mix it up and try and give you a taste of it all.

If you're interested ,at all here is the link:

Today, I ran into a friend from middle school which was surprisingly cool. Usually I cringe when these things happen. But she was very friendly and I really kind of missed her. Then I found out my Dad sells product to the coffee shop she works at and they interact all the time but she had no idea it was MY Dad. So weird. Anyway, reading today, shopping today. Oh! and watching Doctor Who today. Have I mentioned I JUST got into that show. It's amazing the things that I miss out on.


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Empress Awesome said...

Fanfiction? Brave soul. I don't do that stuff, it involves knowing the characters like family,and I have trouble enough knowing my own.

In my opinion, fanfiction is a research paper by another name.