Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Oh my graduated life. Still no job. Still no car. STILL trying to convince myself this is okay for now, and that I can indeed survive a little longer. It's not like I haven't looked. No one is hiring in this stupid town.

But last blog was all about this whiny Holly. Let's bring out a happier side shall we?

Last week I was in Denver to help out my Aunt and her family. Her husband was in the hospital with a flesh eating bacteria thing and that was crappy, so I was down there to babysit the kids and such. The kids...well let's just say they make me lose all desire to EVER have children. But Denver was a cool city. I don't think I could live there but it was way cool to walk around and I loved their history museum. I am a museum freak.

Since I've been back I haven't done much. Cleaned a bunch, the house is mess and about a trillion things are broken including: my light in my room, my dryer (have been hanging all washed clothes till they dry luckily it's 90 degrees here constantly), the garbage disposal, the TV, and plenty others. All things above I have survived without and it's been fine. I guess as long as the Internet doesn't stop working things will be okay.

I've been writing some more too. Researching Ireland, in particular Mayo county on the upper west coast. I want to set a fantasy novel there. I have good small details plotted out but I really need to get to know and develop my main character more. I feel like I hardly know her. Like if she went outside for a day what would she wear? I have no idea. All things to figure out. After all if people don't like your main character...well...chances are they won't like your book.

Oh! I saw harry potter at midnight. It was a great movie...but a downer as far as plot holes go. I'm really curious to see how they fix THOSE huge gaping holes for the 7th movie. Tom Felton's acting was incredible though. He blew me away I didn't know he was that good. And who knew Dan was a such a comedian with the Felix Felicies potion?

Tomorrow going to the lake.

Still want to travel...more than just to the lake...

And I'm back to the Holly from last blog post...Forgive me, I'll stop here...


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Megan said...

Here's an idea for post-grad adventures!

Why don't you apply for a grant and travel to Ireland to research your novel?

In Australia we have all sorts of grants for stuff like that, I'm sure America does too