Monday, July 27, 2009

Jumping Off Bridges

Cassie: Want to go swimming?
Holly: Wherez?
Cassie: The bridge.
Holly: Is it safe?
Cassie: Yeah I jumped off it yesterday.
Holly: Eep...k.
Cassie: Haha I'm coming to pick you up.

She picked me up in her space ship car. I call her car "the space ship car" simply because she bought it because she thought it looked like a space ship, and it does.

As we were pulling out of my driveway I realized someone was behind me in the seat. It was Mikey, Cassie's new boyfriend. I had never hung out with both of them at once before so I knew it'd be an awkward/interesting time.

After a fifteen minute drive south through the wheat fields of the palouse we entered a forest region which opened up into a decent sized river. The road went over a bridge, but we parked before we crossed it.

The three of us got out and there were some other college aged kids there already jumping...really it wasn't that high. But the idea of jumping into the murky unknown was slightly frightening me.

Mikey jumped right away, and Cassie and I decided to take a lower route down to the water to jump off the tiny rocks.

The water had that icky warm feeling on top but when you stuck your feet down there was a chilling cold.

I had been to this place once before and watched my older cousins jump off.

We swam around the water...sat on the mossy rocks half way in the water and watched the minnows eat the algae off our legs.

"The Minnows keeps trying to swim in between my boobs."
"Name it, it will feel more personal."
"Herman. Herman keeps trying to swim in between my boobs."

Cassie and I both attempted to jump off the bridge but we chickened out. Tomorrow I'm gonna try and go back there with my cousin and take pictures jumping off. Maybe I will do it, and I'll post them tomorrow or something.

We headed back to Cassie's parents house after. We sat in the basement and Mikey painted a rocket that they wanted to launch off later. I painted a flower pot which read "Hallows Not Horcruxes".

I played extreme speed with Cassie and then we opened a lame board game which dealt with trying to race 5 different colored pigs across a track. It was really weird.

Cassie's dad made us spicy chicken bocca burgers. They were so good!

Then we watched ghost shows on TV. We laughed at how unbelievable the whole thing was.

Mikey ended up being a fairly cool guy and the three of us seemed to hang out well together.

It was a good day.


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