Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Future

I'm having some issues.
I'm feeling very boring right now.
Since I was 3 years old I've been going to some kind of school. It's all I know. Go to school have a summer off...go back. I was in this mode for so long I graduated college way earlier than most people do. I've been in some kind of learning education mode for 15 years. And now for the first time I'm not in that mode anymore. I don't know how to react or what to do with myself. Where do I go from here?
I have no car.
I have no job.
I'm a recent college graduated and I'm only 19.
I'm not sure what I'm doing with myself or my life.
If someone asked me:
What do you want to do with your life...if you could do anything?
I guess I'd say I wanted to write books and travel.
So what now? Do I just go do that? I envy people that have the means to go out and just hop on a plane and go somewhere.
I wish I could do that.
I guess I'm just trying to figure out what I do once I'm doing with my education. I think the problem is I don't want to be done. But don't get me wrong here...I have no real strong desire to go back to college for a graduate degree either.
At times like this I think it's important to keep one of my favorite quotes in mind:
I Never Let My Schooling, Interfere With My Education
So now I think it's time to take my schooling and go out into the world and get myself some education.
Where do I start...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Graduated From College

...and now I have to get a job...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

So last weekend I went to Canada for the first time. It was way fun and Vancouver is the most wonderful city. So here is some pictures.

Lily pads!

A pretty little...thing?

A pond...
Our first stop was the Botanical Gardens which are Gorgeous. There is a maze and tons of mini lakes and wonderful gardens. I loved it. There was even a tiny waterfall and a glass house. They were ginormous.

I'm Short!

I made us take a picture on the scary rocking suspension bride and almost dropped the camera...not one of my better moments

The Capilano Suspension Bridge!
Then we went to the Capilano suspension bridge. Which was this really cool rain forest adventure. There was a large swaying suspension bridge, then several mini ones across the way high up in the tress. It was really cool.

The view at the bottom by the ocean...Vancouver is in the distance.

Me and my boy and the lighthouse

The Lighthouse
The last place we went was The Lighthouse park. It was a hike to get there through all these amazing tall evergreens. Then we hit some rocks and hiked down to the shore. There we climbed the big boulder half in the sand half in the water...it was gorgeous. Some locals were jumping off the rocks and into the water...we would of joined had we had an extra pair of clothes to cross back into the U.S. with. Boarder patrol people are so suspicious.

Anyway Vancouver was amazingly beautiful. I want to go back very soon. That was Saturday, but on Friday we saw Taking Back Sunday live which was incredible. It was definitely something I needed to do before I died. Then on Sunday we saw UP! Which was really cute. It definitely made me cry.

This week is finals week. I'm writing a huge research paper right now and Wednesday I have my test and then I'm done. On Saturday I have Graduation....then I'm headed home...wow. I can't believe I'm graduating from college at 19. It blows my mind. Well back to finals.