Monday, May 18, 2009

My Boyfriend is TUFF

My boyfriend is TOUGH

Okay so he didn't get in a fight or anything...he's too much of a softy...I like that about him =]
He was at a bar show and someone elbowed him in the face. It's pretty GHASTLY though. His eye lid is all swollen now and black and blue. Poor guy.

I have senioritis BAD guys...I've skipped so many classes this past week and I decided to not read an entire novel. Urgh. I'm bad. So so bad. I'm trying hard to get back on track.

My boyfriend comes to visit the last week in may for THE LAST TIME! Then I will be graduating from college and no more long distance! So excited.

To celebrate he's taking me to CANADA! Vancouver to be specific which coincidentally is only 2 hours away from Seattle and I've never been. I'm so lame. I'm legal to drink there though which is kind of cool. I'm gonna order an authentic mojito! Anyone ever been to Vancouver?

God I have to do homework.


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