Friday, May 1, 2009

I drop poundage

Okay so today is Friday (yay) and I know BEDA is over but it's a huge habit now to update and check my blogger. I can't help it!

So after my last class today me and a few friends decided we'd go to our giant gym on campus because we'd never been. It was fun! There's tons to do, swimming, cycling, elliptical, weights, racket ball, you name it! IT'S SO BIG! I really had no idea.

Well anyway to get only slightly off track here (trust me I'll tie it all back together) a month or so ago i made a YouTube video of me lip syncing the entire new All-American Rejects album in under a minute(which is amazing by the way...the album not the video). A few people were saying that I'd lost weight and I was like huh? WHEN? WHERE? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I seriously thought I looked the same. I certainly haven't been dieting (or exercising as you can see from above I've never even been to our college gym).


So today I went to the gym, we played racket ball and it was fun and afterwards we were in the locker room and I was like OH A SCALE! So I stepped on: turns out since October I've lost 25 lbs. Once again I asked myself: HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I seriously have no idea.

My only guess is that my campus is huge and I walk everywhere. I walk probably an hour everyday just to get to classes and get around campus. Also, I've been eating salad a lot more because we have an incredible salad bar here on campus and I seriously think it's my second love. Those are the only things I can think of as to why this might be.

BUT: I still eat pizza twice a week and chocolate EVERY SINGLE DAY. So this is all very weird to me. I'm pretty shocked honestly. I mean I can kind of see now that I did lose a little weight. My stomach is flatter and my thighs don't bulge in shorts, but I would attribute that to maybe a 5lb lossage...NOT A 25LB lossage?!??!?! I'm not sure how this happened but I thought I'd share. It's not everyday I'm stupid and wake up 8 months later to find I've lost a shit ton of weight.


P.S. I gotta go to goddamn work now =]


Marvelous Maggie said...

That is so not fair. I wish I could lose twenty-five pounds all of the sudden. I've probably GAINED twenty-five pounds since October. And I work out!

I am now very, very jealous of you.

Miss May said...

Haha, I agree with Maggie, that's so not fair! As my body has been filling out, I've been gaining weight. Are you happy that you lost the weight or not?? :P

Also: My captcha(??) is flatio. My mind immediately went to dirty places. *sigh* I have such a bad sense of humour.

Hollishillis said...

I SERIOUSLY CANNOT EXPLAIN THIS! If I knew I'd share my secret. But my secret is kept...even from me.

Um I guess I'm happy? Idunno. I really didn't realize it until today and I studying myself more and I was like "yeah I guess I have". I mean it's nice to wear shorts and not feel that awesome jiggle we all love in between our legs. I haven't worn shorts since august until today and I kind of noticed it. And now that I think about it when I sit down in class I don't feel like my stomach is bulging over. I wasn't overweight before and I'm not underweight now. *my healthy weight range is from 128lbs-93lbs cause im so short at 5 feet tall* So idunno. Sure I'm happy with it. =]

Megan said...

an award!