Sunday, May 3, 2009

The First of Many Dumb Things I Did as a Teenager

I haven't seen my boyfriend in 20 days. AND I STILL HAVE 5 MORE TO GO UNTIL I CAN SEE HIM AGAIN!
Long distance is HARD.
Only a month left of it though thank god.

Okay so I'm 19 right now and in November I'm going to be 20 and I'll no longer be a teenager and that is SO WEIRD. I kind of think I will still think of myself as a teenager until I'm maybe 30. Or you know...forever...

Anyway this got me reflecting on some stupid things I did as a teenager. See my 17 year old cousin mandi called me at 2am last night screaming about how she was on the freeway and her drunk boyfriend was driving his friends car and she was drunk and she lost her keys and left the car in another state and she stole his moms wine and her parents kept calling her and she didn't know what to do. First I was like...why are you calling me I'm five hours away and second I was like excuse me YOU'RE DOING WHAT????? I'm very protective of my little cousin...even if she can be a complete IDIOT sometimes. She's normally not THIS bad. I think last night was her rock bottom...she's grounded anyway now...for awhile...

So it reminded me of my teenage stupidity. I guess it all started one night at my friend Grace's house.

See Grace had some family she lived in an apartment with her older sister Heather. Heather was awesome. She liked to buy us alcohol (we automatically liked her). Anyway Heather had a date and she bought us a bunch of hard liquor and wine coolers and she let us have the place. So we invited a few people over. Grace's older brother Johnny, his friend Joey. Our friends Mitch, Levi, Larissa, and like..five more people...or ten. I can't remember.

I was fifteen and I had never drank before. This would be my first night (not my last stupid night, but my first). I was nervous. I remember my first drink was a Mike's Hard Lemonade and it tasted FANTASTIC. We played drinking games. I had one...then two...then a Smirnoff...then three Smirnoff's...then some coke and rum...then some vodka shots AND THAT'S WHEN IT ALL WENT WRONG! I MIXED ALCOHOL! Novice mistake.

I was drunk. I was very drunk. And I had my cell phone. Which is bad. Because I started drunk dialing people. Including my parents. Luckily they didn't pick up that night...but they got my message in the morning. GO ME! We laugh about it Dad says I blatantly told them everything that was going on and that I was drunk and I loved them very much and told them not to worry. Haha. Ohhhh....anyway....

People left. It was 2am and I was wasted. I wasn't ready for the night to be over. Neither was Grace, or Johnny, or Joey, and when Heather got home she wasn't ready for it to be over either. So we went out! I was fifteen and I was hanging out with older people and I was drunk for the first time in my life and I thought I was cool. I really thought I was a bad ass. I smoked my first cigarette (and last) that night too. I remember thinking I was so cool as we wandered over to the local park and I was flicking the cigarette ashes on the sidewalk. I flicked the filter too hard and it came off and I was so drunk I didn't notice or care. I started sucking in raw tobacco. I coughed. I puked. I laughed. So we went back to the apartment.

I smoked some more on the balcony. I started lighting matches off the roof and letting them fall...something I found incredibly fascinating. So did everyone else for awhile. They went back inside to drink more and I kept doing it until I saw a glow emit from a bush below. I had started a fire.

I ran inside and grabbed glasses of alchol..which fueled the fire more. Then some more sober people came and threw water on it...thankfully it stopped. I was laughing so hard. Everyone had drunk more and I had as well and we all started laughing. We were so retarded.

Heather was sober. So we decided to go to an all night 24 hour diner. I ate so many pancakes. I'm surprised they served us because I was practically falling over myself and I ended up making out with Johnny all night which was SO WRONG because he was 19 or something and I was only 15 but I thought I was so cool. The boys left after awhile and I sobered up and Grace and I say on the roof of Heathers car while she was on the phone fighting with her boyfriend for an hour. We sat on the roof and put in The All American Rejects and blasted it in the parking lot and I chain smoked about eight cigarettes. Then I puked all over the bushes in the back lot.

Then we drove to Sunset Cliff and watched the sun rise.

I went to bed at 8am. At 830am my parents called me and told me they were going to come pick me up. NOW. I threw up all over the floor. Heather was pissed. Grace was too tired to get up. My parents came. I puked in the car. I was grounded until the end of the school year (it was only January at the time). My dad made me clean the bathroom and the kitchen when I got home ( I couldn't go to bed). I finally slept at 3pm and I didn't wake up until 1pm the next day.

I have not drank that much since. First and last time. I drink now but not heavily ever and I never smoke. Lesson learned Daddy. Thank you for punishing me severely.

So my cousin will survive. She deserves her punishment (did I mention she stole a boat and road around it on the lake for 20 minutes?). I guess what I'm trying to say is that my teenage years were a time when I learned a lot. More than I ever have. I learned to not trust teenage boys...hardly ever. I learned to stay far away from cigarettes. I learned to turn my phone off and make a friend hide it before we start drinking. And of course more important lessons.

I look back now on that night and I'm laughing a lot while I'm typing. We were so young and so stupid and we thought we were so cool. I'll always remember that night. Just as I'm sure my cousin will always remember last night too.

Oh the stupid things we do.



Marvelous Maggie said...

Wow, that's pretty crazy! And I'm glad you don't smoke! Very good, Holli, haha.

Megan said...

hahaha nice story!
i love nights like that!
so crazy, you'll never forget it!

Hollishillis said...

YES I'm VERY glad I only smoked that one night. It was sooo gross. Bleh. It was a crazy night!

Miss May said...

Wow, I've never done anything crazy like that!!! At least you got it over and done with :P My crazy days are still to come.

Hollishillis said...

This is true Miss May. I as lucky to rid myself of the really crazy days early in my life. It's a relief!