Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Quarter 09

So Monday was the first day of my last quarter of college.
All my life I was told to go to college, so I did. And I love learning, and my major (English), and I graduate in June so I'm pretty excited about the entire thing.
All my life, I was also told how awesome my last quarter of college will be.

"Holly, your last quarter of college is so awesome. You find your major, you take all the classes you like, you're relaxing now that it's almost over, and the best part is that everyone will want to hire you!"

No one wants to hire me. No one wants to hire anyone in this economy but especially an English major.
We're not in high demand.

All 18 of my books

But I like the classes I'm taking. They're all really interesting....just A LOT of work.

The first day of the quarter I was walking up this incline on my way to class and it felt like someone took a baseball bat and threw it at my heel. I thought I might have re-fractured it but it turns out (as I went to the doctor today) my heel muscles are VERY inflamed.

So my options according to my doctor (who looked like Matthew Mcconaughey)?

1. "Looks like your heel is inflamed. You can do physical therapy with us for a month and we can get it back to its full health."

2. "Looks like your heel is inflamed. What we can do is this new procedure where we take a bunch of blood from your arm and insert it in your heel. What this does is *big words and doctor speak* and it will get all better after we do that five times."

3. "Looks like your heel is inflamed. Take 2 alleve twice a day, wear these funky yellow heel pads, and do these at home exercises on this sheet here."

As much as I REALLY REALLY wanted to transfer blood from my shoulder to my heel, I chose option three.

Creepy flappy Heel Pads That I can Scare Little Children With

I'm just glad my bones aren't fractured.

See when I was a kid my Mom coached my soccer team. I ended up getting really sharp pains in my heel and I told her it hurt a lot and she told me to keep running because she liked to make us run at practice (she wasn't a favorite coach and everyone kind of...disliked that...and me). My Mom thought I was making excuses and my teammates thought I was being a whiny baby because my Mom was the coach. I ended up screaming that she take me to the doctor and TA-DA! My heel was fractured. This is the start of a long running dislike for the woman that I call mother, but that is a very different and very sad story that I will not get into now because this is a HAPPY BLOG!

A Happy BEDA!

So this was my first blog of April. Tomorrow I will talk about the letter 'A' and it will be HILARIOUS! No...I have no idea. It might be good or it might be awful...but stay tuned if you wish! And if you're doing BEDA leave a comment and let me know so I can follow your blog around and leave cool comments about how cool it was. Cool.

-Holly =]


DoreMifa said...

sexxxy heels holly. xD

Hollishillis said...

dude...I know. They're insane.

Alyssa said...

thats kind of awesome in the fact that little children won't bother you with your heal things on. lol