Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Letter 'A'

Okay so I'm kind of cheating BETA. Yes, I'm still making blogs everyday in April. But I'm taking a bit of an easy way out. Over the next 26 days I will tell you all the awesome things that start with each letter of the alphabet. Why?

1. because it's easy

2. because it's fun

3. because it gives me 26 days of material

4. because my life is boring and I can't talk about it for 30 days. I'd bore you all to tears.
And so I give you....

The Letter A!

And first up is....


Okay seriously...who doesn't like ABBA? Okay, quite a few people I know don't...but you cannot deny the truth that they are DAMN catchy. I can get ABBA stuck in peoples heads no matter who they are. All I have to do is start whispering, "Take a chance, take chance, take a ch-ch-chance." My boyfriend hates it when I do this...because it gets stuck in his head all day. Then he goes to his work which is full of manly men and he's singing ABBA under his breath. Then he gets made fun of. But ABBA is sexy (see above picture), so to like ABBA is even sexier.

Albus Dumbledore

I chose the Potter Puppet Pals picture of Dumbledore's my favorite Dumbledore! I mean when I think Albus Dumbledore I think "Naked time!" and not because I'm a can blame Neil Cicierega. Anyway, Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore is awesome. The coolest professor ever. I know we all got frustrated by him, just as Harry did (JUST TELL HIM HE'S THE CHOSEN ONE ALREADY!) but Harry did a good job of calming us breaking everything in Dumbledore's office. Poor Albus had a hard childhood and a hopeless love. He spent the entirety of his life trying to make up for his past and helping to defeat evil. He defeated and imprisoned the only person he'd ever loved for the good of wizard kind. He firmly believes to see the good in everyone, something we wish we all could do. What a guy.

Amanda Bynes

I....LOVE Amanda Bynes. I love her movies, I love her, and I just think she's fantastic. I've been watching her since her "All That" days when she put her hair up in pig tails and played the not so nice Ashley: "Thaaaaaaat's Me!" And then the ever amazing "The Amanda Show", which first introduced us to Drake and Josh, dancing lobsters, and the ever famous Penelope, "I'm Penelope, Amanda's number one fan please." Amazing. Once she was done with Nickelodeon she had a cool TV show on the WB called "What I Like About You". Then she made some movies, which I love. I can't explain why, yes they're cheesy, yes she plays the same character in all of them...but I LOVE IT. Sydney White, What A Girl Wants, and She's The Man (based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, nerdfighter much?). I don't care what anyone says...I love her.


In its alcohol form, or in it's non alcoholic flavor form...amaretto is so fantastic. It's my favorite flavoring for coffee, liqueur, and syrup. It's just...fantastic. If there isn't amaretto anywhere, pistachio and almond flavorings are just as good but not QUITE as good as amaretto itself. And who could forget the best Brand New song ever...Soco Amaretto Lime =]

Andes mints

These little mints...are fantastic. They're chocolate covered with a thin layer of green mint on the inside. You get them mostly after you eat at Olive Garden. Fantastic. I have a hard time finding them anywhere else but if I do see them I make sure to stock up! They make Andes Mint's shakes now and brownies: recipe's online! I swear!


Australia is the most fantastic country/continent. It has EVERYTHING. Big cities, rainforest's, tropical places, beaches, rainy places, sunny places, snowy places, the great barrier reef, the great Australian bight, surfing, the outback, mountains, and you can even ski in Australia. IT HAS EVERYTHING. I loved it. I love it. I'm in love with it. I want to live there for at least a bit sometime in my life. It's a fantastic place and I didn't get to see nearly enough of it when I was there.


My heroes. The people I wish I could be. The people I hope one day to be.

So that's the letter A. What are you favorite things that start with the letter A. I know I forgot some good ones so make me feel stupid and tell me! I mean...I forgot Awesome. AWESOME.

Will be back tomorrow.


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