Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Letter Y

Oh youtube. Even though you aren't the same as you were back in the summer of 2006 I still love you. I got into youtube because of lonelygirl15. I swear to God. I was online and I was like youtube what's I went there and I found Lonelygirl15's first video. She was a lonely girl, just like me! I thought we had so much in common. I got a youtube account so I could leave comments and see if she wanted to be my friend...and then there was a cult after her...and she was home schooled...and realllly weird....and I kept maybe we don't have that much in common eh? Youtube brought us all nerdfighters together, and THAT is the real importance here. Anyway then I made videos and the rest is history I guess =]

YA books
Love them. Love them. Love them. WANT TO WRITE THEM.

Um just got back from my midterm...I totally aced it. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I have to go to work....NOOOOO!!!!!!


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