Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Letter R

"You are the smell before rain, you are the blood in my veins" -Brand New
Rain is soooo pretty. Everything feels so clean before during and after rain. And the SMELL! It's incredible. Everything feels so alive and fresh. Seattle is rain central so I can't complain even though I do love me some sun every once in awhile.

Red Bull
Taurine. Taurine. And lots of Tuarine. Red Bull is disgusting and wonderful at the same time. The taste is revolting yet addictive. I love thee Red Bull

Oh Ravenclaw. A nerdfighters true house. Although I must admit I'm true Slytherin, a rebel at heart. But my personality of bookishness defiantly relates more to Ravenclaw. Honestly, if I could, I'd be a Slytherclaw.

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