Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Letter Q

Everyone always dreads this letter when engaging in some kind of full alphabet thing. I don't know why. Sure I only found 2 things but SO WHAT!?!

Mmm Mmm Good. INDEED! Such yummy and cheap toasted subs. Way better than Subway. Did you notice every one of my letters there is something about food. Go me.

I LOVE QUOTES. I love air quotes, movie quotes, lyrics quotes, famous quotes. I'm always amazed by the incredible things that come out of people's mouths.



Marvelous Maggie said...

Uh oh. I think we have a problem, Holly. I love Subway.

I suppose I can get over this in time, but it will be DIFFICULT.

Haha, I'm just kidding.

I love quotes too! I carry around a notebook and when someone says something funny or profound or whatever, I write it down in there. I've done this since my freshman year, so I have two and a half notebooks filled with funniness.

Hollishillis said...

haha uh oh. DUEL!