Monday, April 20, 2009

The Letter P

Pac Man
I STILL can spend hours playing this game. Pac Man is the machine I B-line for the second I step food in an arcade. A classic game. It's on my phone too =]

Pizza is a delicious childhood and adulthood meal! Pizza is so yummy. I just love pepperoni. My favorite pizza places are Pagliacci's here in Seattle and Eagle Boys in Australia. Sooooo good.

Ohhh yummy. These little nuts are so tasty. They're good spicy, plain, and especially in ICE CREAM form. I love going to Baskin Robbins and getting the Pistachio almond and at the store I get Pistachio Pistachio from Ben and Jerry. You'd think a nut wouldn't be very good in any form but...well....not form. I mean they don't make cashew ice cream. But Pistachio pulls it off!


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