Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Letter O

Today I need to:
-Go to Rite Aid and get a razor because I'm becoming increasingly aware it is becoming shorts season and I'm very unprepared.
-Go to Crossroads and see if they want to buy my old clothes...then shop there...because it's probably the best used clothing store I've ever been to.
-Buy gold nail polish...because I really want some.
-Pay my credit card bill =[
-Go to work
-Write a paper on Wordsworth
-Finish reading Lions Blood.
-Try not to lose it

When I was 8 we moved my Grandpa after his wife died. While everyone was carrying heavy boxes I had to tag a long cause no one could babysit me. My Grandpa owned two movies: Forrest Gump and The Swan Princess. I have no idea why he only owned these two movies but as I was too young to understand the gump, I watched The Swan Princess over and over and over and over until I memorized it. I love the beginning song and my favorite quote "You should write a book, 'How to offend women in ten syllables or less'". Great movie. Anyway I used to pretend I was Princess Odette and I'd go in the back yard and spin around in the grass and pretend I was turning into a swan. Go Odette.

Osmosis Jones
Ahhh I haven't seen this movie in forever, but it's sooooo funny. I love it so much. It's hilarious and awesome. I need to see it again, and if you've never seen it you need to see it NOW.

Oatmeal Cookies
Oh my god there is nothing like Oatmeal cookies. Especially with Cinnamon or chocolate chips. BUT NO RAISINS. Urgh, I need that shirt from Threadless that says "stupid raisins stay out of my cookies!" It's me in ever sense of the shirt.


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