Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Letter I

Ice Cream
Ice cream is fantastic. It's one of the best desserts. At cold stone I always get that Birthday Cake Remix, Maggie moo's I get the red velvet cake, Baskin Robbins I get the pistachio almond. SO SO GOOD!!! I always get haggen daz and ben and jerry pints. I'm seriously surprised I'm not overweight. I really really should be. I eat so much ice cream it's ridiculous.

Um do I even have to explain this one??? Internet is my life. I can't imagine life without it. Maybe I'd be more tan because I spend all my time indoors on a computer screen now. Favorite websites: blogger, nerdfigher ning, maureen ning, twitter, youtube, hotmail, livejournal, myspace, facebook, digg, etc. The Internet is fantastic.

Alright what I mean by "i" is apple products. You know how they put i in front of everything. idream, ihome, itunes, ipod, itouch, iphone, isleep, etc. I've never owned an apple laptop or computer however, I'm strictly pc on that. But I love ipods and itunes and all that junk. HUGE fan.

Italy is so romantic. I want to go so bad! There are so many historical amazing things to see. Plus the coast lines are sooo gorgeous. There is so much to see and plus...gelato! My fate was sealed to go to Italy some day when I read Girl At Sea and I never ever looked back. I find myself on Google Earth sometimes just hanging out in Italy. Looking at street views and everything. It so beautiful.


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