Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Letter G


I give you...The Letter G...

Gay Rights
I'm 100% for Gay Rights. Homosexuals are human beings and have the right to marry and have all the benefits that go along with it. I hate the argument that "gay marriage will lead to animal and human marriages or even object and human marriages ". That is so stupid. It's about HUMAN BEINGS. HUMAN RIGHTS. I still can't believe it's taken us this long to support gay people and their rights. But I'm glad we're getting there. 3/50 states have legal gay marriages. Let's make it 5...then 10...then 20 and all 50. Someday in my lifetime I hope.

Greg Laswell
This man has the sexiest voice. He's a guitar player and singer and he has recorded some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard. If you get a chance listen to his song, "Comes and Goes (in waves)". I feel in love the second I heard the first string of the guitar.

Girl Scout Cookies
Um...I'm obsessed with THIN MINTS && SAMOAS! They are heavenly. I wish I could just go buy girl scout cookies in the store. I hate it that it's seasonal and I have to go hunt down a little girl scout. And they are HARD to find. But it's always worth it. These cookies are faaaaantastic.

I LOVE GRADUATING. What a feeling of accomplishment. I remember my first graduation ceremony in 5th grade. Me and my 2 friends decided to sing Vitamin C's song graduation. We had only heard it on the radio so each time it came on we'd try to remember and write down all the lyrics. None of us could afford the CD. So the day of graduation came and we sang the song with some very wrong lyrics and no background music. This was before that thing called the Internet and Google where you can find lyrics to a song or download the track in 5 min or less. It was embarrassing to say the least. And after the a graduation mom gave me the CD. I didn't want it by that point. I can't wait to graduate college in June. I'm super excited and super nervous all at the same time!

Um my favorite thing to do in the summer is just go to the park and lay in the grass. It make it even more picture perfect if you can wear a white cotton dress and you happen to be surrounded by those little yellow flowers or those little flowery things that are white and you blow on the them and make a wish. I'm a grass lover. I just love to lay in it and be outside. I love the color green, and just being surrounded by it. That's why I really really think I'd love Ireland.

I gotta go read some Wordsworth poetry now...yuck...
Hope you enjoyed the letter G!


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DoreMifa said...

ooh, grass is so soothing. LOVE the picture you have for it.