Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Letter E

Hello All! How was your Monday?

Mondays are awful aren't they? Mine wasn't SO bad though. I only had one class and then I went to work afterwards. Work was...a different story.

So it's been nice out weather wise lately and I decided instead of always wearing my sweats and big hoodies I'd dress nice today. So I put on this really cute black tank top, gold flats, a pearl necklace, dark skinny jeans, and I even straightened my hair a bit which is saying something. I just wanted to feel a little pretty. And I did. Until a dirty old man came up to me at work:

"Hey there beautiful!"
"Say there precious can ya get me that drink?"
"Uh...what one?"
"That Izze Izz I thing. That I thing."
"What flavor?"
"Oh cute thing, how about that dark colored one?"
*I mumble things under breath feeling dirty that this 80% homeless man is hitting on me and being really forward and creepy*
"Aw sweetheart thanks, could you open the top? You gotta bottle opener?"
"It's a twist cap."
"A TWIST CAP! Whadya mean cutie? Alcohol never comes in twists."
"It's not an alcoholic beverage sir. It's a soda. In a bottle."
"Could you not call me that?"
"Lighten up beautiful. Just twist that cap and I'll be on my way! You gotta tip jar?"
*I twist off cap feeling gross*
"There's a small tip jar in front."
*I better get at least a dollar*
"Ah I see it. Thanks for being such a sexy little thing!"
He walks off and I hold back vomit.

SO THE LAST TIME I WEAR ANYTHING LIKE THAT AGAIN. It wasn't even a revealing outfit it was so simple and I thought classy but apparently I looked like a whore.
The best part? I get a 20 cent tip after being verbally molested. Hot.
Anyway let's forget my day since it sucked and move on to....!


Eiffel Tower
Holla Eiffel Tower! This picture is sooo old. From 2005. Me and my cousin Mandi. We were both in our awkward phases. The Eiffel Tower is the coolest piece of architecture I've ever seen. During the day it really is a piece of brown metal though. But at night! Oh at night! They light it up! You can see it for miles and the lights flash on and off. It's spectacular. We climbed up it at night and I was so scared. The wind was at full force that night and I could FEEL the tower sway. I immediately asked for the lift back down. But it was breathtaking.

This in London! I love England! Granted I've only been to York, London, and Liverpool but I loved every second of it. The English are for the most part really friendly and kind. I enjoyed York so much and all its historical sights. And London was just breathtaking. I think I spent most of my time with my mouth hanging open. I visited the York Dungeon twice and the London Dungeon....four times. I loved it! England you rock!

Eggs are a necessity. I just love them, and I love them any kind of way you make them. Poached, fried, scrambled, sunny side up, hard boiled, deviled, etc. Eggs are so cool because 1. they're cheap and 2. you can do SO MUCH with them! You'll never get bored! Plus if you don't feel like eating them you can dye them for Easter (or for fun) and you can also draw on them and make them little children that you carry everywhere until your brother thinks it's funny to take it away and smash little Gwendolin eggy on the ground and leave you crying outside for 30 minutes in the dark.....not that that happened to me.

Elephant the movie
Ooo this move! It's so haunting. Gus Van Sant is an incredible director. This film is fantastic. All the music in it is Beethoven. There are these long real time scene shots, which I love, where the camera follows one person around and they walk and interact with people and walk some more and it's all in real time and it's all done in one shot. I LOVE THAT. This movie is kind of a window into Columbine. It never says so directly but it does deal with a school shooting and the two boys who decide to do it. It's very chilling. It will make you think about it FOR DAYS.

Um who doesn't love the Earth? There is like a one in zillion chance that the Earth should be around today. It's amazing that it is and even more amazing that it is able to sustain human life on it. The Earth is so cool. It's beautiful inside and out (awww how sweet). I love the Earth. Anyone who doesn't should be sent outside of the Earth and see how they take it.

So that was the letter E. Booyah! See you all tomorrow.


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DoreMifa said...

aww, i'm sorry. :) your outfit sounds REALLY cute though. and lucky you with the weather! we were having really beautiful days all last week and now...its snowing. :( but you're farther west than me, so maybe i'll get the nice weather? happy monday!