Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Letter D

Hello all. Today it was 70 degrees with no clouds. I'm in shock. I'm wearing a mini skirt because quite frankly it's unpredictable when the rain will start pouring down in Seattle. I'm taking full advantage of this situation.

The Letter D...was hard. REALLY HARD. I mean what is so great about D? DEATH? I CAN'T TALK ABOUT HOW GREAT DEATH IS!!! EVERYONE HATES DEATH!

As I type this I only have 3 things that are cool that start with the letter D. But I hope as I go...more just POP magically into my head.

Shall we begin?

Draco Malfoy

Um Draco Malofy is a sexy sexy boy. That tousled blond hair, the sexy school uniform all messy and out of place, and of course who doesn't love the tortured look!??! He such a bad boy. Haha. Yes he's whiny, spoiled, arrogant, cowardly, and all of those other awful qualities...but he's pretty to look at still. So if you just Silenco him...well...he's perfect.


Eek! I loved this show! It aired on MTV in the 90s. It was about this teenage girl Daria who had no tone in her voice except sarcasm. Her family consisted of a bunch of idiots (I LOVED QUINN THOUGH). Her high school teachers were hilariously insane. It was fantastic show. Daria and her friend Jane only watched this show called Sick Sad World. Really sad when they cancelled it. They showed repeats on The-N for awhile but then stopped sadly.

Speaking of The-N: DEGRASSI! Well technically Degrassi: The Next Generation. It's a Canadian TV show that first aired in the 80s. Then they came out with the next generation which was with the students from the 80s, children. It was so good. I loved it, watched every episode. I liked Emma and Craig the best. Craig was another misunderstood abused kid. I mean THESE KIDS HAD ISSUES. They all did. The worst stuff always happened to them. But it's a drama and that's what made it interesting. I'm not sure what's going on with that show now. I think they all graduated so they brought some other kids in and it's a new generation but they all bore me so I stopped watching.

Dead Like ME
This was a fantastic show which sadly got cancelled after 2 seasons. It's about a young girl, Georgiana (George) who dies after a fiery toilet seat is dropped from outter space and falls on her face. Then she becomes a Grim Reaper! The grim reapers she is partnered with are HILARIOUS. They all have such personality and Rube the leader is absolutely fantastic. The best part of this show is the swearing. They all swear and it's so unexpected and hilarious it's awesome. But the show is a dark comedy revolving around death. George has to live in the same town and reap there where her family is and she watches them from a distance to see how they deal with her death.

So this blog on D turned into a blog on TV shows. COOL! I'm not a big TV watcher but recently TV has come out with some good stuff. GO TV!

Usually I talk about my day in a few sentences before the "letter" blog starts. However, today I'll save that for last. Today this happened to me:

I'm not sure how to deal with this except be frightened and avoid that stall at all possible costs. I don't care how famous the Jonas Brothers are...I DO NOT want them staring at me while I pee.

And so ends another successful day of blogging. Guys I know I forgot some AWESOME stuff that starts with the letter D so make me feel stupid and TELL ME!