Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Letter B

The Alphabet is back and it's in full swing! But before we get started let's talk for 3-4 sentences about my day.

Today I bought a black dress for my cousins wedding. I'm a bridesmaid and she's a little insane and she wants us all to wear black dresses. I grabbed about seven different ones and went into the back room to try them on. The girl actually asked me:

"Are you going to a funeral?"

"No, a wedding for a very confused young girl who feels the need to go crazy and get married to a guy she just met."

And with that I went to try them on. I ended up choosing the only one that wasn't hideous. It's okay right?
I mean its got a cute bow?

And now...

The Letter B!

Boy Meets World

When I was in fifth grade there was this thing called TGIF on T.V. It was an event let me tell you. The best teenage shows on television lined up all in a row for you to watch on Friday night. The one that really made it happen was Boy Meets World. Today, still one of the best shows, I watch repeats anytime they're on. Who doesn't love Cory and Topanga!? And who DIDN'T thing Shawn was a hottie!? This show was fantastic. I'm always reminded of Mr. Feeny, and Eric going "Feeny! Fe fe FEENY!" Amazing.

Ben Lerner

Okay before I started college I thought of poetry as strictly Shakespeare because that was ALL I WAS TAUGHT. Then I started some creative writing classes and wow. Just wow. There are so many cool poets in this world! WHO ARE ACTUALLY ALIVE! AND AROUND MY AGE! I was astounded. And through this discover I found my favorite poet ever: Ben Lerner. He's so damn edgy I just love it. I've written two papers on him and both of his books are fantastic. Want a taste? Here are my favorite lines from a few different poems in his book The Lichtenberg Figures:
"The Chicken is a little dry and/or you've ruined my life."
"You are the first and last indigenous Nintendo."
"I've swallowed a bottle of aspirin. I'm a doctor. I'm leaving you. I love you. Fuck you. I'll change."
"I wish all difficult poems were profound. Honk if you wish all difficult poems were profound."
"I really don't want to do this over the phone. But I also never want to see you again. So I paid Ben Lerner to write you this poem in a language that was easy to understand."
Anyway, Ben Lerner's entry is already way too long and it's unfair to the other 'B's' so forgive me, I just love him so much. He's HIGHLY recommended (by me). =]
Brand New

Apparently Brand New is famous now. Or apparently they are on my floor in my dorm. Everyone seems to love them suddenly because of their newest album The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me, and they heard the song "Jesus Christ", and now they're famous. I don't know how or when this happened but I've been IN LOVE with Brand New (or Br& New as I always used to write on my desk) since 9th grade. I followed their feud with Taking Back Sunday. I wore the shirt "Mic's are for signing not swinging" at least 4 times a week (it was kind of gross). Anyway, they're fantastic. All three of their albums are completely different. The first, Your Favorite Weapon, is VERY VERY much pop punk. Their second, Deja Entendu, is more mellow but sooo sooo unique and just wonderful. Jesse Lacey is an amazing lyricist. Their last album is like nothing I've ever heard before. They're such an original fantastic band.

Bath and Body Works

Why would anyone be ashamed of loving this store? Every winter...I stock up on Winter Candy Apple their seasonal scent and every spring I stock up on Sun Ripped Berry. They have the most fantastic scents. And in body spray, lotion, shower gel, body cream, etc. etc. I could go on and on. They're fantastic and I just love going in there and loading up on smelly stuff!

Beauty and the Beast
There is a picture for this below but it's also a picture for the next thing I talk about and I'll explain that in a second. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie. I AM BELLE. My cousins and I picked which Disney Princesses we are and I was always Belle. I love her. We've both got brown hair and brown eyes. We both love to read. We both talk to inanimate objects. Oh yeah. Me and Belle are tight.

Align Center

Okay the picture above is from Beauty and the Beast. This is my favorite part in the movie. The girl doesn't want you be hot, give her flowers, and chocolates. SHE WANTS BOOKS. And LOTS of them. So what does the beast do? He gives her a fucking library. THIS IS SO DAMN ROMANTIC I WANT TO DIE. This library is my dream. I want this so bad. It's beautiful. And so huge! I want it! And so we come to books. Books are awesome. There is nothing wrong with books. People who don't like books are people who I don't like. All the world ever needs is books. They're entertaining, fun, and you learn so much from each one you read. I love books...


Lastly, BEDA! How could I forget BEDA. Blogging is a fantastic way for people to express themselves. I love blogging. I love reading blogs. I love it that now there is AN ENTIRE MONTH dedicated to blogging! Nerdfighters unite. This idea is fantastic, Maureen. And I've been doing it for 3 days. Haven't given up yet!

Anyway that was the letter B. What are you favorite things that start with the letter B? Let me know!

See you tomorrow!


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