Thursday, December 31, 2009

An entire decade?

It took me until today to realize that this is the first time I have remembered very clearly the entire decade. Technically (being born in 1989) I was alive through the 9s but I only have really a good memory of the mid to late 90s. I get on twitter today and the trending topic is #10yearsagoI and I couldn't help but go back and reflect on the decade for me. Feel free to not get bored if you can help it.

Had a new years eve party at my house in California. I was 10 years old and not sure what y2k meant just that my parent's insane friends were scared as hell. I got to stay up till midnight and watch the ball drop for the first time which I thought was super awesome and my Dad made announcements when London and the east coast passed their new years and that all their electronics were still working. He made me stand by the phone so when it was midnight I had the honor of picking it up and saying the dial tone worked. Later in October we moved to Washington State and I vowed to leave it as soon as I turned 18.

6th grade I went from that weird freakish new kid that wore Hawaiian shirts and was from mystical CALIFORNIA to being somewhat popular. I was pretty pleased with this, but honestly didn't really like the popular kids that much, they would have been made fun of in California, let's just say that. They were WASHINGTON cool (an entirely lower level of cool at the time). Razors and Furbies finally became cool in the northwest and I was bored because those were cool like two years ago in fourth grade. Washington was boring me. I hated snow (still do) and my favorite band was LFO/BBMAK/Hoku.

I'd always liked harry Potter but this is when my Harry Potter kick really started. I saw Chamber of Secrets in theatres four times and started a Harry Potter box of all clippings in newspapers and magazines. Any news stories I could get my hands on. I ditched the popular kids and focused on my main love: Harry Potter and Hayden Christiansen in Star Wars (this later AKA NOW is a sickening thought that I even liked that horrible actor, but it began my love of Natalie Portman).

8th grade was horrible. I dropped out of all school sports and focused on club soccer. I was pretty good and made a lot of good friends traveling but I was 14 and my coach was mean so this was also the year I quit club soccer after 10 years of playing soccer.

I entered high school friendless and decided I'd go all Avril Lagvine cause she was kinda cool at the time. I was too poor to afford converse so I got off brand cons and brown cords that I wore constantly and blank tank tops. I thought I was pretty awesome. Start going to shows, make two new great friends that I still have. Played high school softball which I loved and still have my fondest memories there of high school.

Boys are complete idiots, drugs are bad, and drinking is probably not a good idea either anymore. Life lesson: Don't pay attention to what boys say, only pay attention to what they do.

Running start AKA I leave high school and get high school credits and college credits while going to community college. I also have a horrible boyfriend that is just...HORRIBLE....and I'm young and dumb so I stay with him because, "Gosh I know he loves me deep down somewhere in there!" I start making youtube videos.

Graduate high school and community college with my high school diploma and A.A degree.
Dump lame boyfriend and pick up awesome new boyfriend.

Go to the University of Washington and manage a long distance relationship successfully. Have a great on campus job and really love my major and the people in it.

Graduate University of Washington with degree in English come home and freak out because I can't find a job. Decide to go to Graduate school and get a degree in Communications...still deciding if this is a good idea or not. But I successfully completed my first and hardest quarter that's good.



Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Break

I finished my first quarter of graduate school successfully. My grades were excellent and even though it was one of the hardest three months of my life I still managed a trip to Calgary, and time with friends. I even made new friends through my grad program who will be in my classes next quarter. I have Igor and Galina (the married Russian professors) again next quarter and they're so quirky and odd I'm almost excited to see them again. I know it's going to be even harder than last quarter though, but I'm up for the challenge. I'm also taking a designing websites course which I'm really excited about. Winter quarter 2010 starts January 6th.

Winter break was fun, still a week of it left. I went to visit my great uncle and aunt in Phoenix for a few days. My uncle Jack loves to hunt so I got to walk around a house surrounded by dead mounted animals. This ranged from a Pumba wart hog to an alligator. Depressing. Then we went to the Phoenix zoo and my Uncle pointed out all the things he's shot. It was kind of like this:

Me: Oh wow! What a cute tiger! Aw it has little babies!

Jack: I shot and killed one of those before.


Nevertheless they are good people and they treated us well there.

My room got an upgrade over break. I now have a new PC which I love and a queen size bed in my room. A nice upgrade from my slow as hell lap top and my twin size kid bed I've had since I was 11. I even traded in the fishy sheets for sheets of EGYPTIAN COTTON NA NA NA NA NA NA. If you have no idea what that just was then you need to watch this, especially at 50 seconds in. Wish I could find the real video from the movie but...stupid youtube, you know...

Anyway with the room upgrade, I feel all grown up.

Christmas was a family affair. It was tolerable. I have a large family here and they tend to drive me up the wall a lot, but my cousins are great. We went over and had a huge bon fire at one of their houses that night and played the Bad Santa drinking game. Every time someone wears in that movie you have to drink. You will be GONE after the first 15 minutes. Great movie. It's my me and my Dad's go to Christmas movie next to the original Miracle on 34th street. Yes, I realize these are two completely different movies. But we like them both.

Happy New Year!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You're mad at me aren't you?

C'mon that's hardly fair. I mean you didn't even remember my birthday!!! Jerk. To be honest I've considered updating you almost every day for the past few weeks. There will be times when I'll be in class and annoying girl will go on and on about how much she knows or she'll let our her bark of a laugh and I'll think:

When I get home...this is going in my blog.

But then I'll look at my mountain of homework since finals are next week and I'll feel guilty for neglecting my literature review, my case study, and my mock academic convention presentation.

I've been busy in the real world. And I must say the real world is NOT that much fun. Okay, I kind of is...for instance...

Super Mario Brothers Wii came out and when I do manage to pull myself out of my homework induced coma I spend time eating mini Mario mushrooms and sledding around in penguin suits.

Oh, and don't be mad but I had my 20th birthday while I was gone. I know a momentous occasion. For I am now in my early 20s, so anything I say or do will not be remembered until I get married. For presents (presents!) I got a Dumbledore's Army messenger bag, and even though I'm a Slytherin, I managed to spin an elaborate story of being a spy in the D.A.

I also experimented with my sexuality. I mean really, I don't even know who that IS!

I also had to catch up on all the great television shows I miss while I'm at night classes during the week. I mean I've got a full plate here. It's hard to catch up on Glee, The Office, 30 Rock, Jimmy Kimmel, V, Flashforward, AND The Vampire Diaries. SERIOUSLY.

I've also been busy spending money I don't have. This is a bad habit. A bad bad habit. For instance I bought the 3rd and 4th books in the vampire diaries series (which is just as amazing as the TV show). And I bought the first book in the Artemis Fowl series. As well as the first three books in the Percy Jackson series (WAY EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE). I also bought...


but what's money in exchange for the happiness of consumerism? NOTHING. That's what.

But alas, Thanksgiving break is finally here. I really hate this holiday, I mean it serves no purpose and is painfully historically inaccurate. But who am I to argue with AMERICAN TRADITION??? I'm sure they got SOME facts right? I mean America is perfect after all. I'm sure the Native Americans sat down with the pilgrims and they all celebrated not starving...just before they started killing each other over a misunderstanding when someone asked to "pass the turkey." These things CAN happen.

My father and I are rebelling and plan on putting up our Christmas's tree, ordering pizza, and watching miracle on 34th street (our classic holiday movie just before Bad Santa) instead of doing the traditional feast. I like the way we run the house now a days to say the least.

So basically, I have no excuse for not updating you blog. But I'm doing it now! Right? Anyway, don't forget to send out your Candy Gram's kids.


5 special points if you can tell me what movie THAT quote is from.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trouble at the Canadian Border, and A Fun Time in Calgary

Hi Blog!!! I missed you. The past few weeks I never really had anything to tell you about so I stayed away from you so you wouldn't have to hear about uninteresting things that were happening to me. This can range from reading fanficiton, doing homework, crying about homework, being stressed, planning a road trip, more homework, etc. See this is all very boring.

So I figured I'd just hold out on you till I had a good story to tell. Wanna hear a good story?

Well it started on Thursday night. I came home from night classes and did a final check of my stuff for the road trip to Calgary. There were two purposes to this trip: 1. See my favorite Canadian band Marianas Trench and 2. Get fairly wasted.

Now I don't get wasted often. I enjoy a drink every now and then, but I prefer to do this in a social setting, not in my bedroom alone. This means I AM A LIGHTWEIGHT. Being 5 feet tall does not help this fact.

So on Thursday night I packed a bag and headed over to my cousins. Me, my boyfriend Jesse, and my cousins Nick, Kelly, and Mandi were going to pull of the 8 hour road trip into Canada, there and back, in 2.5 days.

Friday morning we left, and the first three hours of driving were great. We were young, excited, and ready to take on Canada. We stopped at a gas station to buy some beer and wine because it was cheaper to buy in America, then headed to the border.

Here is where things go a little wrong. How about a scene for you?

Canadian border patrol guy (CBP): *asks incessant questions*

Kelly (who is driving): *Gives constant honest answers*

CBP: Any alcohol, drugs, or tobacco in the vehicle?

Kelly: 3 cases of Kokanne, no drugs, no tobacco.

CBP: Any mace or pepper spray?

Kelly: Nope.

Holly: *I didn't pack my mace did I? No...I'm pretty sure I didn't...I didn't...*

CBP: Any weapons?

Kelly: No.

CBP: Please pull forward and park on the side of the building and don't get out of the car.

Holly: Wait! I might have mace in my purse, it's in the back of the car, I can't remember if I packed it or not. I might have.

CBP: It's too late for that.

Kelly: *Drives over to said area*

Holly: What the hell does that mean?

Nick: Does my pocket knife count as a weapon?

Everyone: YES!

Kelly: I think I have Cigarettes.

Mandi: We didn't claim that we had a bottle of that bad?

Everyone: Probably.

CBP: *shows up and has white gloves on* Driver step out of the vehicle. *checks Kelly for weapons and leads him into an outdoor room with a window to look out of where you can see the vehicle*

CBP: *Does this to each of us until I'm the last person in the car*

CBP: Last girl, step out the vehicle. *I step out of the vehicle*. You're in a world of trouble.

Holly: ...why?

CBP: You didn't claim your mace.

Holly: I don't even know if it's in there. I can't remember if I packed it or not.

CBP: Any weapons on you? Anything in your pockets, your boots?


CBP: Go stand in the room. *I go into the room and he locks us inside*

Jesse: What the hell?

Holly: He said I was "in a world of trouble". What does that mean?

*All of us watch as he grabs the wine, pocket knife, cigarettes, and mace out the vehicle*

Everyone: We are totally F*(@#d

CBP: *Unlocks door* So here is the deal. I found tobacco, alcohol, a pocket knife, and mace that you didn't claim. You all left your rights as U.S. citizens at the border. I have enough here to charge you all and take you to jail and take away your vehicle. You all lied to a federal agent.

Everyone: *Looks of horror*

CBP: But hey, we're practically cousins here. It's hard to remember that this is a foreign country sometimes I mean we all talk the same and basically look the same. So what I'm going to do is let you four go.

Holly: *...isn't there 5 of us....*

CBP: And you *points at me* are going to come with me, you are in a lot of trouble. You guys can hang out in the car and I'm taking her back inside with me to fill out some stuff.

Holly: *Holy S*@# what did I do...!?!?!?!*

Pretty much, the guy had enough to eff us over big time. Even though almost everyone in the car didn't claim something that was considered dangerous, I got screwed because I was the one who SAID something...remember:

"Holly: Wait, I might have mace in my purse, it's in the back of the car, I can't remember if I packed it or not. I might have."

Because I said something AFTER he said he was going to search the car I GOT EFFED! He didn't want to give us a full punishment...more just a reminder, it's not like he could just let us go for free. So my tiny 5 oz bottle of self defense mace (apparently scarier and more dangerous than a 7 inch pocket knife) got me six years of being in the system of the FBI and CIA. Anytime I try to leave the country I will probably get searched.

But as my friendly "cousin" and CBP guy put it: "If you have nothing to hide you'll be fine. You just might want to leave for flights a few minutes earlier than usual. I can tell this was clearly a mistake of forgetting."

Hell yeah it was.

Really not a big deal, but when I was in an interrogation room alone with the guy and he was telling me I had no rights...well I was a little freaked out. You can't tell me you wouldn't be too.

He was a nice guy who knew we were just dumb kids. He basically just wanted us to take Canada more seriously as a "foreign" country. It's hard to think of it that way just because it's not as exotic/different of a place than say if we went to Germany or something. I mean Canada is practically America and America is practically Canada. PRACTICALLY. Minus the way we say about, out, and eh.

After that small discrepancy...we got to Calgary around 9pm, checked into the hotel and 3/5 of us decided to sleep including myself, while the two others just got wasted until 4am and they passed out.

The next morning we went to Boston Pizza for breakfast and I ordered a drink with alcohol in it. This is the second time I've been able to do this legally. The first being in Australia. I was thrilled, it was kind of cool to do something different. A $8 drink though! I will learn on this trip the cost of tiny alcoholic drinks is INSANE.

Afterwards we hung out again at the hotel after driving through downtown a bit (super gorgeous city).

That night was Halloween, Mandi and I dropped the boys off on 17th ave downtown *A prominent bar hopping spot* and went off to our concert.

Needless to say Marianas Trench was worth being on a surveillance list for the next 6years. They were so good! And very talented guys. It was so much fun! The lead singer dressed up as Little Bo Peep and the rest of the band was 'the sheep'. Hilarious.

Afterwards, it was midnight so we went to the bar where the boys were at. Mandi is only 17 so she couldn't go inside which was a huge bummer. Nick was VERY MUCH done drinking (passed out) so we hauled him outside and threw him in the back seat and Mandi drove him back to the hotel.

I then proceeded to follow Kelly and Jesse into the first bar/club I'd ever been in. I had one beer, one tiny rum and coke, and one tiny vodka tonic (a total of $27!!!). I had no idea what to order so I just picked generic things I'd heard people order on TV before and hoped it sounded legitimate.

We got a cool little VIP booth the boys had had for the night. It was so weird being in a club. I wasn't sure how to act, but everyone was so friendly and drunk and in a costume no one really cared. So I just let my inhibitions go and had the time of my life. I even got my *I never ever dance* boyfriend to dance with me. It's amazing the things drunk people will do.

A few hours later Mandi picked us up. Kelly proceeded to yell 'America' out the widow and moon people. Normally this would have infuriated me as being very stereotypical American and really obnoxious and rude. However, I was so drunk I laughed the hardest I'd ever laughed at anything. The Canadians all dressed in costumes hanging out on the street were too drunk to care as well and I even saw a few of them laughing.

It was a great time. Back at the hotel we continued to indulge in the 'fire whiskey'. It was about 5:30am when we finally went to bed. I woke up this morning and almost puked 10 times. I had the worst hang over I've ever had, which only felt mildy better when I indulged in greasy bacon. Worth it? Yes. Worth it again and again. So fun! I love Calgary, everyone was so nice and cool. The city is beautiful was well. Canadians know how to party.

Here are a few things that I always want to remember from his trip:

A drunk man with a smiley face taped to his face and a giant joint taped to it.
Giant Marshmallows.
Haddaway's 'What is love'
'Is a pocket knife considered a weapon?'
Popped Collar dude
Calgary hitch hikers
'You are in a world of trouble'
Jessica ABLA
'This is hilarious!'
That tall guy who bent low so that us people under 5"3 could see
'I'm sorry I can't finish this song that guy looks like such a douche bag'
Sal's bar
'Richard no!'
Mandi screaming at us for being drunk and having to pick us up, then proceeding to get smashed with us later.
'Did you just burp right in my face?'
Nick hitting on every waitress and getting turned down
'I've never been this drunk before'
High fiving feet

And now I'm home...back to boring life. I have finals coming up in a month and NaNoWriMo all month to keep me PLENTY busy.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm a gLeek

Today is me and my boyfriend's 2 year anniversary. What a guy to put up with me for 2whole years eh?

We were going to go some place fancy after I got out of class, and we were gonna spend like $120 on an okay meal. But I'm really not into that kind of thing. I just wanted to come over to his place, have him get the night off, and order a pizza and watch Dexter. See this is why we get along so well.

Last night I accidentally "downloaded" aka didn't click out of on time, this virus that latches onto you computer called Cyber Shield. Oh wow, did it mess up my lap top. I was up with 2:30am trying to fix it. I just finally re set it back 24 hours, but not my macafee security won't work. BAH. My boyfriends coming over in a bit and I'm gonna make him breakfast and he's gonna go through and install a ton of spybot protection and anti-virus stuff.

I took my first test of graduate school yesterday. It went pretty well even though it nearly took us all an hour to finish, we really didn't think it'd be so long with so much writing! Luckily I'm good at that. Anyway, my prof Igor Klygukanov (I call him Igor Karkaroff in my head) was kind of sick so we just briefly discussed what we read and he actually let us go at 8:30! I was so thrilled. I kind of freaked out excitedly in class and this kid was like, "Do you have somewhere to be?" To which I should have replied "Yeah, I'm totally meeting all my cool friends for drinks." But instead I said, "OMG NO! I CAN FINALLY WATCH GLEE ON T.V. TONIGHT!" In which he preceded to call me ridiculous and I said something like whatever, I'm a gLeek.

Last nights episode: amazing. The cover of "Keep holding on" was fantastic! I have a huge hate/love relationship with Sue. Who I hate, but she has the best one liners EVER. "I'm going to ruin you." "I'm going to vomit down your back." AND "I hate to see kids get emotional, unless it's from exhaustion." Also, Terry (Will's wife), her sister is HILARIOUS. You wouldn't think it cause you're too busy hating her, but she's really great. I love her ADD children.

On facebook yesterday I picked 5 people who I would form a team with and help me save the world. I chose:
The Doctor (From Doctor Who)
Hermione Granger (From Harry Potter)
Katniss Everdeen (From The Hunger Games)
Clary and Jace (From The Mortal Instruments)
Arthur Dent (From The Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy)

After I complied this list...I realized I'm a HUGE HUGE nerd. And I loved it.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Is it October already? Wow.

Soon there will be snow all over the damn driveway and I'll be pressing the garage door opener 50 times until it unfreezes and I can get out. Then there will be the massive bulid up outside the garage door that will inevitably take me 30-40 minutes to clear.

While I take out my medieval shovel and work away the layers of cold the neighboors will take out their giant snow blowers and clear the driveway and the mailbox area in less than ten minutes. They will look at me sympathetically, stop for a few seconds and consider snow blowing my driveway because it'd only take them a few minutes and it would be the nice thing to do. Well ever since we stopped mowing and watering our lawn more than twice a year, they've never helped.

Currently I'm also typing with fingerless gloves on because there is not enough money in the world to keep a heater on pre-snow months. Also, I'm on day 3 of recovery from a cold.

Clearly, I feel pretty awful about winter. Well hopefully we have another month or so until the snow hits. Until then...October is going to be a good month for me.

I feel that this is the month I will finally get a job. On the 15th is me and my boyfriend's 2 year anniversary. We're going to this super fancy restaurant which we will feel awkward about because neither of us is into that sort of thing. He took me to Jason Mraz for a gift and I'm taking him to SCARYWOOD on the 17th. It's this theme park normally called Silverwood, but they've transformed it this October to be SCARYWOOD, where everything will be haunted all the roller coasters will be open, and there will be a scary train ride and the rapids will turn into this scary monster thing. It should be fun. And cold...very cold. But fun.

Plans for Canada trip at the end of October are coming together. Me, Mandi, Jesse, Nick, and Kelly are planning to drive up to Calgary and see a show Saturday night (Halloween) and hang out and enjoy the lower drinking age and just have a good time. If we pull off the pricing and the hotel arrangements I'll be thrilled.

Speaking of Halloween (2 sentences ago), I decided to be a ZOMBIE for Halloween. Cool eh? There WILL be pictures. Have you ever heard about the year I was Princess Peach???

Well I was! It's true!

And last year I was peter I decided to go with something SCARY this year.

Anyway the band I love (Marianas Trench) is playing only in Canada (because they're canadian) and they're playing ON Halloween so it will be a dress up show...cause I said so.

Tonight, I saw ZOMBIELAND. And...HOLY CRAP. AWESOME. So good. All I have to say is: Bill Murray, hell yeah. My friend said I looked a lot like Emma Stone in Zombieland, and I kind of see it, but obviously she's a lot prettier (I mean she's an actress afterall). Anyway, what do you think?

Um, I really need to go write this paper that's due tomorrow on a bunch of stuff I read but didn't yeah...MISSED YOU BLOG!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jason Mraz and My Grandma. Yeah that's right.

Hello all! I am feeling MUCH better than I was last blog post. I took Megan's advice (thanks) and I talked to a few professors and my head of department and it looks like I won't be going to a mental hospital at the end of the quarter due to a nervous breakdown after all.

Although classes are extremely hard, I know as long as I do my best and stop comparing my intelligence to others I'll be okay. I spent every spare second this weekend doing homework and I have a better grasp on what communications is and what is expected of me in this program.

Anyway, let's NOT talk about school because that's all that has been consuming my thoughts lately.

Friday, my amazing boyfriend took me to see Jason Mraz live for our 2 year anniversary. How cool is that? Jason Mraz is an amazing person (very selfless and cool) and he is a great singer (better live than on track).

However, I was kind of bored with him live, and I hate to say that because I mean it's Jason Mraz FTW. He just played all of his songs in a weird way I'd never heard before. I mean I know you're bored with playing the remedy over and over, but I just want to hear you do the original (IIIII IIIII WON'T I WON'T WORRY MY LIFE A WAY EH EH OH OH NO). Instead he had to do this Rastafarian version that didn't even really work so no one could get into it or sing along. He did this with EVERY SINGLE SONG. Some were better than others but STILL.

He also didn't play these songs that I absolutely love:
Geek in the Pink
Curbside Prophet
Did you get my message
You and I both
Too much food
Mr. Curiosity

I WANTED TO HEAR THESE SOOOO BAD. STILL it was worth it. I finally got to see him live and he is just so damn talented. The best part of the night was when he broke out into a full on opera voice! I KID YOU NOT. He did SO good. It was truly incredible, he really has a voice. Even my boyfriend, who isn't a fan of Mraz, was very impressed.

Afterwards we went back to my boyfriends place and watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit because we do really awesome things like that sometimes. I hadn't seen that movie in so long.

On Saturday I did homework until I drove out to my Grandma's for dinner. Have I told you about my Grandma? Because she is unlike any Grandma you know. For one, she lives in this giant house in the "country" aka a VERY small town about 35 minutes away from the city. She has a barn and cool pond and a ton of trees and land. It's really a cool place where I've spent a lot of my childhood.

Now with this picture of her house in mind you're probably expecting her to be the kind that bakes homemade cookies (wrong she bakes homemade bread), and slips you $1 bills and tells you not to spend it all in one place. Not quite

Well try a Grandma who cooks amazing food from all over the world, and slips you plane tickets for trips to places like (for some reason blogger wanted these to be huge...sorry):







and when she's not in a foreign country with you she's in a foreign country by herself exploring all there is to see in the world. She just got back from Pakistan and is planning a trip to the Mediterranean (for the 3rd time) next month. She has pictures all over her house of her riding camels around the desert with pyramids in the background, and skydiving, well you get the picture. She's pretty much the coolest. So that was Saturday night.

Then on Sunday I went out to my boyfriend's parents house for dinner with his parents and his brother's girlfriend. We were told old stories about how my boyfriend's younger brother (who is 21 now) was an unintentional animal hurter when he was little (example: he launched 2 kittens off a spring so they flew in the air and blood came out of their eyes, and he drenched a kitty in a bucket of lighter fluid). No animals died on his behalf, but he sure gave some a scare. He explained himself like this:

"Okay first of all I liked the first 2 kittens and I wanted to have fun with them on the spring launcher just like I did with my beanie babies, and the lighter fluid just happened to be in the bucket which I placed the other cat while I went to go find my mom to show her I found a cat!"

This resulted in a lot of laughter and Josh's girlfriend giving him fake horrified looks. I am so lucky my boyfriend's family is so cool. I love them all.

Anyway, today and tomorrow I'm back to the class that makes me cry. Hoping for better results...


Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is my personal hell

I had my first class as a graduate student on Wednesday. I wanted to blog immediately after, but I decided to wait until after my class today just in case it went better and I had something good to talk about.

It did not go better. You know when you walk into a room and right away you can tell that everyone else has something you don't? Let me give you examples of this from my own personal experience over the past two days.

First, everyone in my class is older than me. Now I'm used to this, being 19 and having already earned my B.A. Degree. However, I'd say the median age range in all of my classes is about oh...maybe 27?

Second, they all know each other. They have all attended this specific university before as undergraduates or they've been in the program as a graduate student for awhile now. They have either taken classes with each other before, or have taken classes with the professor before. Oh and they have ALL at least taken one course in communications. No matter how basic.

Third, they all use big words and smarty pants theories I've never even heard of before. Even the Professors. Do you know anything about the "Dreyfus model for skill acquisition" or "Neo-Aristotelian rhetorical criticism" or "Double Hermeneutics"? ME EITHER! There is a list like this of 60 terms all just as weird and confusing that I have to memorize (and their definitions) by the end of the quarter (plus loads more stuff I WON'T go into detail about because you'd be so unbelievable bored and you might faint).

Fourth, they all have thought about their thesis. You know a thesis. That huge thing you have to do at THE END of your graduate career. That thing that all your classes PREPARE you for. Well apparently everyone here is a genius who has already thought about these things (OBVIOUSLY). And the Professors just assume you've thought about it too! In fact they assume you know nearly EVERYTHING about communications cause hey! this is all a review for you right? Right! They also know everything about theory and this philosopher and that writer and what's that? You want them to write their thesis based around "classical genre rhetorical criticism", oh that's no problem. Cause they know these things (DUH EVERYONE DOES). They live and breathe these things. And when one girl says "Oh I'm mostly interested in late structuralism with a slight emphasis on Phronesis." The teacher just jokes, "Oh that's okay WE won't hold that against you!" Because it's a joke! Because they all know what it means and that it's funny and hahah hahahaha hahaha ahhahahhaha. WONDERFUL.

I have to come up with a thesis in a specific field of communication by Wednesday (never mind that I don't know ANY fields of communication because all my professors just assume everyone knows). Plus a MOUNTAIN of reading and homework that I hardly understand. I won't go into details because you might die if I do.

Basically: Bad mood.

Basically: I cried all over my Dad when I got home.

Basically: Not even blast o butter popcorn and Doctor Who made me feel better.

Basically: Welcome to Grad school.

Basically: FML


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Waking up late...too late

I have GOT to set a better sleep schedule for myself. I was up last night till 1 reading dramione fan fiction (you caught me). I slept wonderfully. Usually I get woken up sometime during the wee hours, then go back to bed. However, I was fortunate enough to get a full nights sleep without being woken up until my body was fully ready. Unfortunately, my body wasn't ready to wake up until 1:58 pm.

Believing that I would never sleep that late, I did not set an alarm as I should have. Once I felt awake enough, I grabbed my cell phone from under my pillow to see what time it was. Surely I had enough time for a quick work out and a shower still. Upon seeing the time, I quickly fell onto the floor, shoved on the same outfit I wore yesterday, grabbed a to-go cup of coffee, and got in the car. At this point I had 50 minutes to drive 45 minutes to a building I'd never been before on a campus I'd hardly am familiar with.

I got there around 2:50 and had 10 minutes to find this building I'd never heard of. After a quick look at some campus maps I found the building and walked in. I needed to go to the 2nd floor. Upon entry I saw that on the 1st floor I could get my picture taken for my new student ID. The downtown campus (only 15min away) is the one I'll be attending for classes and they don't have a student ID office there. This place closed at 5 so I wanted to make sure I got in to get a picture before they closed so I wouldn't have to drive all the way out there again. Besides, showing up early/on time to silly things like "orientation" makes you look too eager and freshman like. This was a graduate student orientation after all.

I ended up taking one of the worst pictures of my life (which is now permanently etched onto an ID card I'll have for the next 2-3 years) considering I still had bed head and never bothered to look in a mirror that afternoon. I ran upstairs to this orientation about 10 minutes late and ended up gaining annoyed looks from everyone in the room. Not to mention the only seat still open was in the very front. After an awkward pause from the speaker and several annoyed grunts from people as I pushed my way past to the front, orientation began. It turned out that the speaker I int erupted was the head of the graduate committee (you know the one which determines if your thesis is good enough to graduate) so it was nice to know that him and I got off to a good start.

It was all standard stuff in which we learned important numbers and people to talk to. We also learned that the average age in the room was 28 (I'm only 19 so that felt weird). Around 4:30, after receiving my flu kit, library information, and business cards, my stomach told my brain that I hadn't ate anything yet and I was starving. Although the orientation was supposed to stop at 5, it went until about 5:20.

On the way out I realized there were cookies and punch that I missed on the way in. I must have looked like a real A**hole when I lunged for these, grabbed 2 cookies and had a full cup of punch, then refilled it on the way out. Then, I forgot where I parked so I spent 20 minutes walking around the campus in search of my vehicle looking like a complete moron.

On the way home I got a call from this new movie theatre that's opening next week. I applied for a job as a joke a few weeks ago because I knew I'd never get the job. See, I worked in a movie theatre for two years, it was my first job. Pretty much I got fired from that for not a particularly FAIR reason, but nevertheless I got fired. I figured this theater would call my old theatre and ask why I left and they'd say I was fired. Naturally you can see why I assumed I'd never get this job. However, it turns out that they want an interview and since I'm poor and have no money I said "Why not?! It's not like I planned on never working at a movie theatre again!!!!!!!!!!!!" Except I did. Oh well, the economy is so bad and I SO need a job.

So my interview is next Thursday, my first class for grad school is tomorrow night and minus the whole "sleeping till 2pm" thing that I need to fix soon, things are looking up.

I'm also planning an insanely cool road trip at the end of October to Canada to see one of my favorite band Mariana's Trench. They're Canadian (obviously) so they don't play shows in America but I live 2 hours from the border so I'm going to drive the eight hours to Calgary for the weekend with some friends. It should be fun. Plus the drinking age in Canada is 19, so what's not to love about a weekend away?


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Short Blog

I began writing this blog at 4:55pm while I eat my breakfast, which consists of Cheerios. I was afraid once classes start (on the 23rd) this ritual of waking up sometime after noon will be over. However, upon closer look at my schedule I discovered I have all night classes, which absoltely thrills me. This will become a regular event then and I am very pleased with this prospect.

I started watching Vampire Diaries last week. I very much like it. It's a little cheesy but I give it props for being completely based on this book series called Vampire Diaries that came out in the 90s. Makes it more original and I give it more credit, that even thoguh it is kinda similar to Twilight it's story line DID come first so.

I also read and finished The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins in 2 days. They were amazing. It's the first book in a long time I haven't been able to put down or stop thinking about. I suggest you all read it.

Thanks to Maureen Johnson, I can't stop singing the combination pizza hut and taco bell song and it's annoying everyone around me. Job well done, I say, since I believe it was her intention in the first place.

Short blog, but I will make up for it later.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Portals and Weddings

Twitter is down. And rather than read my school books ahead of time (which I really should do because they make absolutely NO sense to me), I decided to write in my blog.

Last night I went over to my boyfriends apartment to find him playing his x box. He was playing this character who had a gun that shot holes in the wall.

Me: Oh my god are you shooting portals out of that gun?!?!
Him: Yeah you make portals and try to escape these computers with lasers by being sneaky with your portal making.
Me: Sounds like a bit of a puzzle game, what's it called?
Him: Portal.

For some reason I found this hilarious. The entire game is just him shooting portals out of a gun and it's called portal. I mean at least the game description fits the title.

I got up bright and early today (11 AM, yes I'm pathetic) and put on this fancy dress I bought yesterday at Macy's. I put some tiny braids in my hair, kissed my sleeping boyfriend on the forehead, and drove away to pick up my friend Roxy. We were going to a wedding!

We thought that rather than drag our boyfriends along we'd just go together since we both knew the bride and they didn't.

Like all good procrastinators we left a bit early to drive to Target and get a wedding gift. We printed out a wedding registry and quickly scanned for items that hadn't been bought yet, and were under $20.

Roxy: Ooo look we can get them a shower curtain, it's only $19!
Me: Perfect!

We headed to the bath isle.

Me: Found it!
Roxy: Cool, oh we should get the little plastic thing that goes inside the shower for them, it's on their list and it's only $6.99.
Me: Well, alright.
Roxy: Oh! And they asked for shower rings too! We can't get them a curtain without shower rings.
Me: Yeah I guess that would be weird.

So we bought all three.

Roxy: We didn't bring anything to wrap it with.
Me: Crap you're we could just buy a bag?
Roxy: No! Look they have magical BOXES! They're only .99 cents!
Me: Oh that is magical! Okay, now all we need is a card now.

We left the store $60 more poor than we were before. Expensive shower stuff apparently. We proceeded to wrap the gift and sign the card on the back of the trunk. Then we realized that the box WOULD NOT fit everything inside. So, Roxy ran back inside to get a bag.

We then left the bag in the car to go to Bath and Body Works to make ourselves smell good for the wedding and to put on some of their make up. Everything is better when it's free.

We both hadn't ate yet so we went into Safeway to grab Lunchables which I hadn't had since I was a kid. I made my cracker, cheese, turkey, cracker sandwiches and shoved them down my throat then drove quickly to the wedding.

The wedding itself was really pretty. I saw a ton of old friends which was a lot of fun. There were these two WAY creepy guys who kept dancing up on me and Roxy and Roxy finally just told them to f*** off cause they were creepy as hell. They reminded me distinctly of those guys from Night at the Roxbury. Funny...but creepy.

Thursday I went to the oral surgeon and he said the antibiotics I'd been taking for my infection post-wisdom teeth removal have worked and I'm all better now. That is such a relief, but seriously, it took an entire month for me to fully recover. Madness.

Despite the 7 books I listed last time as *in progress of reading* I went out and spent $30 on The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I feel bad...well okay not really...but I really didn't NEED them quite yet. I just felt like I did...a lot.

Anyway, my feet hurt from dancing, and my wallet hurts from just about everything I paid for today. Ah well, what's money for friends sake?


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life 'N stuff (I'm such a poet)


Hello, blog. Sorry it's been so long, but so much has happened! Okay, not really but let's start with my new car.

First of all it's not new. It's a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. BUT it only has 75,000 miles on it and it only cost me $5,600 which is great because that means NO CAR PAYMENTS! Which is heavenly to someone who only works once every two weeks.

That's right, I finally started working at the college football games. I made the best mistake ever of wearing blue on the first day when the home team is red and the opposing team was blue. I don't pay much attention to football, I just sell people water. It took me two days to recover from slugging around a huge box of bottled water, and marching up and down metal bleachers screaming at anyone who listened that I indeed had bottled water and it was in fact iced cold and only $3.

At the end of the day I got $30 in cash, which isn't enough to buy a wedding present, but enough to buy gas for the next 2 weeks until I work the next home game.

Saturday, my friend from high school is getting married. I haven't bought a gift yet, but the wedding doesn't start until 3pm so I assume I can just take care of that small problem earlier in the day. Thank you for credit cards. What's $40 more charged to my card when I've racked up $12,000 in debt for student loans?

I'm currently trying to read:
The Hobbit
Making social science matter
No one belongs here more than you
The scandal of the season
Mein kampf
Theorizing communication
Then we came to the end

2/7 of those are school books. I'll let you figure out which ones they are.

I've got a dress for the wedding that is currently residing in SLC, UT which I need here on my doorstep by 12pm Saturday.
I've got 2 threadless t-shirts on the way (which I'm thrilled about)
And I've just received new boots that I ordered online in the mail today (YAY!)
There is something magical about Fed-Ex and UPS when they just deliver big boxes of goodies for you and you can track their progress online. It's better than Santa!

I did officially receive my letter of acceptance into the Master of Science in Communications program (by the way). Classes start on the 23rd, they're all night classes (so I get to sleep in...YES!), and they're at the downtown campus so instead of a 40 minute commute I only have to drive 15 minutes.

I still have no solid income but...
Things are coming together.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

A bit of Portland and A New Blog

Did I tell you all that I went dirt biking in Portland? For the first time ever? And I didn't die?

Me, not dying.

Portland is land full of magical things.

Like food booths open from 8:30-3am full of deep fried things like deep fried peanut butter and chocolate chip pie. And double fried french fries. My body is still recovering from the deep fried goodness.

And if you're ever in Portland you Must go to Powell's books. It's a giant book store that takes up a full city block. EVERY BOOK EVER IMAGINABLE RESIDES INSIDE. With color coded sections and 3 floors full of love.

So yesterday I was bored and browsing and I could NOT stop laughing at some of the story lines that people come up with. Now I'm all for creativity and you've got to start somewhere if you want to be a writer. No one just wakes up and writes an incredible story. It takes practice, which makes not perfect...but better. So I didn't judge too harshly as some of these people might be just starting out in the writing department. BUT STILL, some story lines were just TOO much for me.

So in honor of the worlds most amazingly bad story lines of fan fiction I have started a new blog as a side project in which each post I will list 10 of my most favorite (awesomely bad) story descriptions from a book/movie/TVshow fanfiction with your favorite characters.

My first one is harry potter draco/hermione. Now this will change. I might to harry potter again but with different characters. I also will do twilight/gossip girl/lord of the rings/ mortal instruments etc. Pretty much I will definitely mix it up and try and give you a taste of it all.

If you're interested ,at all here is the link:

Today, I ran into a friend from middle school which was surprisingly cool. Usually I cringe when these things happen. But she was very friendly and I really kind of missed her. Then I found out my Dad sells product to the coffee shop she works at and they interact all the time but she had no idea it was MY Dad. So weird. Anyway, reading today, shopping today. Oh! and watching Doctor Who today. Have I mentioned I JUST got into that show. It's amazing the things that I miss out on.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


There is nothing worse than the unknown. I swear no one would fear death if we just KNEW what happens to us when our body stops functioning and our minds go blank.

Then again, if we knew what death had in store for us and it was say, sitting in a basement tied to a chair watching re-runs of Gray's Anattomy I could apprecaite the fear in knowing that.

Holly, why are you talking about death?

Reader, I have no idea. I was trying to go somewhere with this...somewhere with the unknown and oh yeah I just remembered.

Today, I had my real graduate studies final interview process thing. It was scary. I had met the guy once before, he is VERY Irish and he has these weird looking eyes that are small and the right one moves in different directions than the left (and oh my god if he is reading this I am so sorry) but he's a nice guy. So why was I nervous? Well I guess it was the unknown. What questions would he ask me? Was he going to like my answers? Could I give good answers?

Turns out I had nothing to worry about. I slid through the interview with no problems, and at the end he was just kind of like, "Well it's not official yet but I'm going to reccomend to the grad office that you get in, you seem like a perfect candidate."

I said: "Excellent."

What I wanted to say: "Um, Did you even look at my GRE scores? They were horrible. Also, where in Ireland are you from cause I'm writing a novel about a place in Ireland and I could really use a first persons account. Also, and I'm sorry if this offends you, but why are your eyes like that? Do you like rugby?"

Anyway, The point of this blog was the unknown. I was scared of this interview because I wasn't sure what to expect, how it was going to go, and what I had to say and act and do.

I have this problem where I look ahead TOO much. I'm always waiting for the next road block in my life to pop up so I can get to it and worry about it WAY before I have to. I want to KNOW the UNKNOWN before it becomes KNOWN. This causes me great amounts of stress so it's my biggest flaw I think, and my strength too cause it allows me to get things done the second they are capable of being done.

So anyway, here is some stuff I feel like saying in one sentece:
I got into grad school (almost officially, yay!).
I went to Portland.
The Columbia River is beautiful.
I saw the Washington stone henge and the U.K. Stonehenge
I pet a dog named Ned.
I pet 8 dogs with several different names who slobbered all over me.
I ate a deep fried pie (still recovering).
I went to Silverwood twice.
I saw Inglorious Basterds.
I am obsessed with dailybooth ( ).
I still have no car.
I have 12,000 to pay off in student loans, this number will increase very soon.
My phone won't charge on it's own unless I hold the charger into the phone.
My toes bother me.
I re-read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the 3rd time yesterday.
I hate it that you can't pump your own gas in Oregon.
I need to make a valleygirl15/wereadbooks/hollishillis/thetwihardest video.
I am now obsesed with the tv show Eureka (thanks to patti).
I just spend a years worth of coke rewards on a drawing to go to Hawaii for 5 days.

These are just some of the things I've done...I will do...I think about...idunno...but they are definately not the UNKNOWN. Not anymore.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Let's start from the beginning shall we?

Thursday night I went INTO bed at 11:30...didn't sleep till 1:30...woke up at 4:30...woke up at 7:30...alarm went off at 8:30 Friday morning. A night full of crappy sleep. I was too tired to really care about getting my teeth removed, and more excited to be put BACK to sleep at this point.

9AM, 20 minutes before removal. Clearly I'm thrilled.

I started to get nervous once we got there. They put this scary plastic hospital thing on my wrist. It all felt very serious. I hugged my Dad like a little girl then headed on into the back room.

A lady came in and put some round sticky things on me to monitor my breathing. One on the left side of my chest one on the right side and one on my lower right stomach. She put a metal thing on my pointer finger, and 2 tubes in my nose which flowed in extra oxygen and dried it out uncomfortably. Then she left. It was kind of awkward because she didn't really tell me what all that stuff was for I just kind of guessed.

Then the needle lady came in. My heart rate beeping increased. I don't really have a fear of needles, and they don't bother me that badly, but who exactly WANTS to have a needle put in them: I don't. I asked if she was used to that, her coming in and people's heart rate elevating. She laughed and said she liked to think it was because she was attractive. I laughed because that was awkward for me to hear.

Anyway she put this blue band above my right arm and she stuck the needle in. Easy peasy. She hooked up the needle to a bag full of sugar and water. It apparently helped me hydrate since I couldn't eat or drink the night before. It also was used to mix the medicine with. She took the needle out and placed a tube in its place and said I was all set.

Then the dentist man and two dentist women came in and introduced themselves. After that it went something like this:

Me: Did you bring the good stuff?
Him: Yep we'll get you back to sleep here in just a second.
*I watched him inject the pack with anesthetic.*
Me: Do you guys always laugh at this part...when people just fall asleep suddenly?
Woman #1: My favorite part is when we wake people up.
Me: Haha oh.
*I watched the medicine flow down the tube and into my arm*
Woman #2: Now Holly, tell me when you start to get sleepy.
Me: Okay.
Me 5 seconds later: *the room starts to spin and I suddenly feel more tired than I ever have in my entire life* Oh my god what the fuck is this?

Yeah I was informed later I actually said that before I fell asleep. I seriously remember nothing until I woke up in my bed an hour and half after the medicine got to me.

I was hallucinating so bad...but it was awesome, my favorite part of the entire experience so far. The only thing I remember *and I thought I was dreaming this until my dad confirmed it actually happened* is that I was in a room facing a wall trying not to fall over and this girl next to me kept trying to leave the room and my Dad and another lady were trying to stop her. And I remember falling over on my Dad in the car ride home and he almost hit these three girls.

What happened is they woke me up and took me to a recovery room. Then I was in there with this girl and her mom and my dad. I was so out of it and my dad had to keep pushing my back so I wouldn't fall over on my face. And apparently the girl next to me kept trying to escape *she was also recovering from anesthetic*. Then we got in the car and I kept hallucinating that there were these three creepy triplet girls and my Dad kept almost hitting them! Then I was falling over on him while he was driving and he had to stop twice and put me in the back seat so I would stop hitting the wheel. I asked him to call my boyfriend twice, which he did. Then we got home and my Dad asked if I could walk up the stairs.

Me: Yeah, I'm not retarded *I said this VERY slurred*

Then he got out to open the door and I passed out. So he carried me up the stairs like a baby. I woke up and once I realized I was in my bed I heard the TV in the other room and I remembered I had to call Jesse. So I called Jesse *my boyfriend* twice apparently and he told me he was coming over, my dad already called him. Then I called my cousin Mandi and that meany put me on speaker phone I was slurring everywhere. Her whole family was making fun of me. Then I called my brother. Then my dad heard me talking on the phone then he took the phone away.

Then I slept. When I woke up all the good happy feelings were gone and I felt horrible. I looked a bit like this:

Gauze in my mouth, swallowing my own blood, and face throbbing.

Jesse: Your dad left to go get some.

Band-Aid where they put the IV in and my patient bracelet.

Then I fell back to sleep.
I woke up only to find that Jesse left for a bit while I slept and my Dad was back. I couldn't take pain meds till I ate something. I was mad cause I wasn't hungry just in pain. I didn't feel like eating chocolate pudding and my blood.

So I choked down a smoothie and swallowed a pill. Then Jesse came back over and me and him and my Dad watched Sling Blade *good movie*. I felt like I was going to throw up 4 times because of the meds, but didn't thankfully. Then I choked down a yogurt around 10:30 so I could take one last pain pill before bed. Jesse helped me change my gauze and helped me swish salt water in my mouth to help fight infection. Then he tucked me in and didn't leave till I fell asleep. BEST BOYFRIEND EVER!

I woke up today after a nice pain med induced sleep. My face is SO sore and my jaw is inflamed but most my bleeding has stopped. Mostly, I'm just in pain. I took my anti-inflammatory pill. I have to eat to take my pain meds and I'm not ready to eat yet. I just feel awful.

Dad made me a smoothie...but I'm using it to keep my face from hurting.

Let's hope things get better tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Deepest Darkest Secret! Okay...kind of...

I've been so busy. Like soooo busy. Like I'm so busy and cool I haven't been able to update my blog.

Holly, what have you been doing that has been keeping you from your blog, you ask.
Good question.

Okay, well...okay well honestly I haven't been THAT busy. And by THAT busy I mean for the past 3 days I reverted back to my famous 8th grade habit of...well...okay...of reading harrypotterdramionefanfiction.

I can't help it. I have this secret yearning for a softer side to the oh so sexy Draco. And I can't help but fantasise that Hermione and Draco were a Romeo and Juliet story only with a happy ending.

So I've been re-reading all of my favorite completed dramione fan fictions that I haven't read in years. And I'm becoming slightly obsessed by this. It's consumed my every thoughts. No more of this comparing men to Edward Cullen (that was so 3 years ago). Now I keep comparing men on TV and in real life to my fictional fan-fictional Draco Malfoy.

You know the one who was always misunderstood, the one who's father and mother never cared about him, so he lashed out at others. Or maybe the one who always loved Hermione but could never tell her or be with her so he lashed out at her. Or the one who saved Hermione from all of her problems (and those problems can rank from Harry and Ron suddenly ignoring her to some great intense mental disorder). Or the Draco and Hermione who were friends growing up but didn't know it then finally realized it in their 6th year. Or the Draco and Hermione who become head boy and girl and have to learn to get along in shared dormitories (which never was mentioned at all in the books that hb and hg get shared dorms but props to whoever came up with it because it's the most overly used plot line out there). OR the Draco who is a veela/unicorn/centaur/vampire and he can't NOT stay away from the suddenly HOT GOTH Hermione. You know that one...

Anyway that is what I've been doing. MARVELOUS Maggie has tweeted a request that I update my blog so I have. I have divulged to you my deepest secret of love for dramione fan fiction. You can all thank Maggie for that.

As far as Grad school goes I have turned in my application materials in full. Now I just have to wait for the school to receive them, then I will have my official interview and if that goes well then I get in! Fingers crossed because my GRE didn't go well and now I'm really nervous!

Take care all!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

I don't think I'll ever escape schooling

Remember the temp job? Where I'll be handing out beer to drunk college kids at their football games. That might be more permanent.

"But Holly, you said it would be so temporary it's not even funny, what are you trying to say?"

Hold on anxius reader. What I'm trying to say that...hold on let me back up a bit otherwise this won't make sense.

*Graduation day of High School* June 2007
Dad: Now you can go finish up getting that AA degree!

*Graduation day of Associate Degree* December 2007
Dad: Now you can go get that BA degree!
Me: hm.

*Graduation day of Bachelor Degree*
Dad: Now you can go get that Graduate Degree!
Me: I think I'm done Dad.
Dad: We'll see how you feel about that once you can't find a job.

*August 1, 2009*
Me: There are no jobs.
Dad: Time to consider that Grad Degree.
Me: Maybe, I just don't want to be in more debt.
Dad: Well if you went to the local college and lived at home you'd be saving me $10,000.
Me: Yeah dorm costs killed us when I went away to college to get my BA.
Dad: And the local college has $2,000 less expense a quarter than your last college did.
Me: What are you getting at?
*Did some calculations in head*
Dad: Well if you're up for it, I'd be willing to give you a free ride for your grad degree at the local college. Since the job market sucks you might as well slave away getting a degree than selling beer to college kids. Now YOU can be the drunk college kid who gets beer sold to!
Me: I'm only 19.
Dad: And you can have you grad degree by the time you're 21! THEN be a drunk graduate degree graduate! WHAT SAY YOU!


So I will be working on campus *if I get in to grad school...applying currently* with a job that is normally embarrassing but since I'm going to school it hardly is! This could be good. I think the only thing holding me back was money, and since my dad wants to pay for it...why not let him? Shoot!

However, I'm finding the application process EXTREMELY HARD. I'll post more on THAT later thought...


Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Temp Job

I have spent the last 20 minutes trying to open my e-mail. Yahoo is pissing me off as I can see the mail and who it is from but I cannot open and read it. IT IS TANTALIZING. (E-mail finally just opened).

The said e-mail is a job offer...a part time job offer...a lowest of the lows offer...but I am so desperate I'll take it at this point.

The county here usually recieves about 150 applicants for the annual fair. This year they recieved over 500. That shows you how desperate the unemployed people of this city are. I am one of them.

I will be putting my BA in English to good use working a concession stand at college football games from AUG-NOV. Woe is me. Does my situation remind you of Adventureland? It reminds me of it. I'm the poor loser in the movie who forgoes a trip to Europe because of the recession and ends up working at a carny booth.

I was up till 2am last night reseraching once more the most lovely location for this fantasy series I'm working on. It's an island off the coast of Ireland. I'm so excited about it. It has a great history which I'm trying to find out if I can legally incorporate and tweak a bit. I have no idea where to start looking for that information though.

I've been doing a lot of research for this book series but not a lot of actual writing. I need to start writing some interactions. Even if it's not used, just so I can get to know my characters better. Right now they're just fuzzy outlines in my head waiting to become 3D.

I'm going to down the rest of this coffee, get dressed, then try to find a nice writing spot to get to work! Since I have no job for a bit...this is my work...I'm just not getting paid...yet!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

Jumping Off Bridges

Cassie: Want to go swimming?
Holly: Wherez?
Cassie: The bridge.
Holly: Is it safe?
Cassie: Yeah I jumped off it yesterday.
Holly: Eep...k.
Cassie: Haha I'm coming to pick you up.

She picked me up in her space ship car. I call her car "the space ship car" simply because she bought it because she thought it looked like a space ship, and it does.

As we were pulling out of my driveway I realized someone was behind me in the seat. It was Mikey, Cassie's new boyfriend. I had never hung out with both of them at once before so I knew it'd be an awkward/interesting time.

After a fifteen minute drive south through the wheat fields of the palouse we entered a forest region which opened up into a decent sized river. The road went over a bridge, but we parked before we crossed it.

The three of us got out and there were some other college aged kids there already jumping...really it wasn't that high. But the idea of jumping into the murky unknown was slightly frightening me.

Mikey jumped right away, and Cassie and I decided to take a lower route down to the water to jump off the tiny rocks.

The water had that icky warm feeling on top but when you stuck your feet down there was a chilling cold.

I had been to this place once before and watched my older cousins jump off.

We swam around the water...sat on the mossy rocks half way in the water and watched the minnows eat the algae off our legs.

"The Minnows keeps trying to swim in between my boobs."
"Name it, it will feel more personal."
"Herman. Herman keeps trying to swim in between my boobs."

Cassie and I both attempted to jump off the bridge but we chickened out. Tomorrow I'm gonna try and go back there with my cousin and take pictures jumping off. Maybe I will do it, and I'll post them tomorrow or something.

We headed back to Cassie's parents house after. We sat in the basement and Mikey painted a rocket that they wanted to launch off later. I painted a flower pot which read "Hallows Not Horcruxes".

I played extreme speed with Cassie and then we opened a lame board game which dealt with trying to race 5 different colored pigs across a track. It was really weird.

Cassie's dad made us spicy chicken bocca burgers. They were so good!

Then we watched ghost shows on TV. We laughed at how unbelievable the whole thing was.

Mikey ended up being a fairly cool guy and the three of us seemed to hang out well together.

It was a good day.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Oh my graduated life. Still no job. Still no car. STILL trying to convince myself this is okay for now, and that I can indeed survive a little longer. It's not like I haven't looked. No one is hiring in this stupid town.

But last blog was all about this whiny Holly. Let's bring out a happier side shall we?

Last week I was in Denver to help out my Aunt and her family. Her husband was in the hospital with a flesh eating bacteria thing and that was crappy, so I was down there to babysit the kids and such. The kids...well let's just say they make me lose all desire to EVER have children. But Denver was a cool city. I don't think I could live there but it was way cool to walk around and I loved their history museum. I am a museum freak.

Since I've been back I haven't done much. Cleaned a bunch, the house is mess and about a trillion things are broken including: my light in my room, my dryer (have been hanging all washed clothes till they dry luckily it's 90 degrees here constantly), the garbage disposal, the TV, and plenty others. All things above I have survived without and it's been fine. I guess as long as the Internet doesn't stop working things will be okay.

I've been writing some more too. Researching Ireland, in particular Mayo county on the upper west coast. I want to set a fantasy novel there. I have good small details plotted out but I really need to get to know and develop my main character more. I feel like I hardly know her. Like if she went outside for a day what would she wear? I have no idea. All things to figure out. After all if people don't like your main character...well...chances are they won't like your book.

Oh! I saw harry potter at midnight. It was a great movie...but a downer as far as plot holes go. I'm really curious to see how they fix THOSE huge gaping holes for the 7th movie. Tom Felton's acting was incredible though. He blew me away I didn't know he was that good. And who knew Dan was a such a comedian with the Felix Felicies potion?

Tomorrow going to the lake.

Still want to travel...more than just to the lake...

And I'm back to the Holly from last blog post...Forgive me, I'll stop here...


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Future

I'm having some issues.
I'm feeling very boring right now.
Since I was 3 years old I've been going to some kind of school. It's all I know. Go to school have a summer off...go back. I was in this mode for so long I graduated college way earlier than most people do. I've been in some kind of learning education mode for 15 years. And now for the first time I'm not in that mode anymore. I don't know how to react or what to do with myself. Where do I go from here?
I have no car.
I have no job.
I'm a recent college graduated and I'm only 19.
I'm not sure what I'm doing with myself or my life.
If someone asked me:
What do you want to do with your life...if you could do anything?
I guess I'd say I wanted to write books and travel.
So what now? Do I just go do that? I envy people that have the means to go out and just hop on a plane and go somewhere.
I wish I could do that.
I guess I'm just trying to figure out what I do once I'm doing with my education. I think the problem is I don't want to be done. But don't get me wrong here...I have no real strong desire to go back to college for a graduate degree either.
At times like this I think it's important to keep one of my favorite quotes in mind:
I Never Let My Schooling, Interfere With My Education
So now I think it's time to take my schooling and go out into the world and get myself some education.
Where do I start...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Graduated From College

...and now I have to get a job...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

So last weekend I went to Canada for the first time. It was way fun and Vancouver is the most wonderful city. So here is some pictures.

Lily pads!

A pretty little...thing?

A pond...
Our first stop was the Botanical Gardens which are Gorgeous. There is a maze and tons of mini lakes and wonderful gardens. I loved it. There was even a tiny waterfall and a glass house. They were ginormous.

I'm Short!

I made us take a picture on the scary rocking suspension bride and almost dropped the camera...not one of my better moments

The Capilano Suspension Bridge!
Then we went to the Capilano suspension bridge. Which was this really cool rain forest adventure. There was a large swaying suspension bridge, then several mini ones across the way high up in the tress. It was really cool.

The view at the bottom by the ocean...Vancouver is in the distance.

Me and my boy and the lighthouse

The Lighthouse
The last place we went was The Lighthouse park. It was a hike to get there through all these amazing tall evergreens. Then we hit some rocks and hiked down to the shore. There we climbed the big boulder half in the sand half in the was gorgeous. Some locals were jumping off the rocks and into the water...we would of joined had we had an extra pair of clothes to cross back into the U.S. with. Boarder patrol people are so suspicious.

Anyway Vancouver was amazingly beautiful. I want to go back very soon. That was Saturday, but on Friday we saw Taking Back Sunday live which was incredible. It was definitely something I needed to do before I died. Then on Sunday we saw UP! Which was really cute. It definitely made me cry.

This week is finals week. I'm writing a huge research paper right now and Wednesday I have my test and then I'm done. On Saturday I have Graduation....then I'm headed I can't believe I'm graduating from college at 19. It blows my mind. Well back to finals.


Friday, May 22, 2009

The Demon King

Hi, Holly. I loved your reviews of the Heir series. I have a new series coming out in the fall, beginning with The Demon King October 13. I wondered if you might be willing to review that. If you would like, I can have an ARC sent to you, but will need your snail mail address.

Best, Cinda Williams Chima
The Demon King 10.13.09


Monday, May 18, 2009

My Boyfriend is TUFF

My boyfriend is TOUGH

Okay so he didn't get in a fight or anything...he's too much of a softy...I like that about him =]
He was at a bar show and someone elbowed him in the face. It's pretty GHASTLY though. His eye lid is all swollen now and black and blue. Poor guy.

I have senioritis BAD guys...I've skipped so many classes this past week and I decided to not read an entire novel. Urgh. I'm bad. So so bad. I'm trying hard to get back on track.

My boyfriend comes to visit the last week in may for THE LAST TIME! Then I will be graduating from college and no more long distance! So excited.

To celebrate he's taking me to CANADA! Vancouver to be specific which coincidentally is only 2 hours away from Seattle and I've never been. I'm so lame. I'm legal to drink there though which is kind of cool. I'm gonna order an authentic mojito! Anyone ever been to Vancouver?

God I have to do homework.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Epic Wedding Fail

Me and My Cousin Mandi, Bridesmaids

Remind me to never get married until I'm 25 okay?
People are getting married now entirely too young. I went to my cousins wedding this weekend. It was all very...last minute. There was a ton of my family present, and I dragged my boyfriend along to witness the events. They were...intersting. Oh family.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The First of Many Dumb Things I Did as a Teenager

I haven't seen my boyfriend in 20 days. AND I STILL HAVE 5 MORE TO GO UNTIL I CAN SEE HIM AGAIN!
Long distance is HARD.
Only a month left of it though thank god.

Okay so I'm 19 right now and in November I'm going to be 20 and I'll no longer be a teenager and that is SO WEIRD. I kind of think I will still think of myself as a teenager until I'm maybe 30. Or you know...forever...

Anyway this got me reflecting on some stupid things I did as a teenager. See my 17 year old cousin mandi called me at 2am last night screaming about how she was on the freeway and her drunk boyfriend was driving his friends car and she was drunk and she lost her keys and left the car in another state and she stole his moms wine and her parents kept calling her and she didn't know what to do. First I was like...why are you calling me I'm five hours away and second I was like excuse me YOU'RE DOING WHAT????? I'm very protective of my little cousin...even if she can be a complete IDIOT sometimes. She's normally not THIS bad. I think last night was her rock bottom...she's grounded anyway now...for awhile...

So it reminded me of my teenage stupidity. I guess it all started one night at my friend Grace's house.

See Grace had some family she lived in an apartment with her older sister Heather. Heather was awesome. She liked to buy us alcohol (we automatically liked her). Anyway Heather had a date and she bought us a bunch of hard liquor and wine coolers and she let us have the place. So we invited a few people over. Grace's older brother Johnny, his friend Joey. Our friends Mitch, Levi, Larissa, and like..five more people...or ten. I can't remember.

I was fifteen and I had never drank before. This would be my first night (not my last stupid night, but my first). I was nervous. I remember my first drink was a Mike's Hard Lemonade and it tasted FANTASTIC. We played drinking games. I had one...then two...then a Smirnoff...then three Smirnoff's...then some coke and rum...then some vodka shots AND THAT'S WHEN IT ALL WENT WRONG! I MIXED ALCOHOL! Novice mistake.

I was drunk. I was very drunk. And I had my cell phone. Which is bad. Because I started drunk dialing people. Including my parents. Luckily they didn't pick up that night...but they got my message in the morning. GO ME! We laugh about it Dad says I blatantly told them everything that was going on and that I was drunk and I loved them very much and told them not to worry. Haha. Ohhhh....anyway....

People left. It was 2am and I was wasted. I wasn't ready for the night to be over. Neither was Grace, or Johnny, or Joey, and when Heather got home she wasn't ready for it to be over either. So we went out! I was fifteen and I was hanging out with older people and I was drunk for the first time in my life and I thought I was cool. I really thought I was a bad ass. I smoked my first cigarette (and last) that night too. I remember thinking I was so cool as we wandered over to the local park and I was flicking the cigarette ashes on the sidewalk. I flicked the filter too hard and it came off and I was so drunk I didn't notice or care. I started sucking in raw tobacco. I coughed. I puked. I laughed. So we went back to the apartment.

I smoked some more on the balcony. I started lighting matches off the roof and letting them fall...something I found incredibly fascinating. So did everyone else for awhile. They went back inside to drink more and I kept doing it until I saw a glow emit from a bush below. I had started a fire.

I ran inside and grabbed glasses of alchol..which fueled the fire more. Then some more sober people came and threw water on it...thankfully it stopped. I was laughing so hard. Everyone had drunk more and I had as well and we all started laughing. We were so retarded.

Heather was sober. So we decided to go to an all night 24 hour diner. I ate so many pancakes. I'm surprised they served us because I was practically falling over myself and I ended up making out with Johnny all night which was SO WRONG because he was 19 or something and I was only 15 but I thought I was so cool. The boys left after awhile and I sobered up and Grace and I say on the roof of Heathers car while she was on the phone fighting with her boyfriend for an hour. We sat on the roof and put in The All American Rejects and blasted it in the parking lot and I chain smoked about eight cigarettes. Then I puked all over the bushes in the back lot.

Then we drove to Sunset Cliff and watched the sun rise.

I went to bed at 8am. At 830am my parents called me and told me they were going to come pick me up. NOW. I threw up all over the floor. Heather was pissed. Grace was too tired to get up. My parents came. I puked in the car. I was grounded until the end of the school year (it was only January at the time). My dad made me clean the bathroom and the kitchen when I got home ( I couldn't go to bed). I finally slept at 3pm and I didn't wake up until 1pm the next day.

I have not drank that much since. First and last time. I drink now but not heavily ever and I never smoke. Lesson learned Daddy. Thank you for punishing me severely.

So my cousin will survive. She deserves her punishment (did I mention she stole a boat and road around it on the lake for 20 minutes?). I guess what I'm trying to say is that my teenage years were a time when I learned a lot. More than I ever have. I learned to not trust teenage boys...hardly ever. I learned to stay far away from cigarettes. I learned to turn my phone off and make a friend hide it before we start drinking. And of course more important lessons.

I look back now on that night and I'm laughing a lot while I'm typing. We were so young and so stupid and we thought we were so cool. I'll always remember that night. Just as I'm sure my cousin will always remember last night too.

Oh the stupid things we do.


Friday, May 1, 2009

I drop poundage

Okay so today is Friday (yay) and I know BEDA is over but it's a huge habit now to update and check my blogger. I can't help it!

So after my last class today me and a few friends decided we'd go to our giant gym on campus because we'd never been. It was fun! There's tons to do, swimming, cycling, elliptical, weights, racket ball, you name it! IT'S SO BIG! I really had no idea.

Well anyway to get only slightly off track here (trust me I'll tie it all back together) a month or so ago i made a YouTube video of me lip syncing the entire new All-American Rejects album in under a minute(which is amazing by the way...the album not the video). A few people were saying that I'd lost weight and I was like huh? WHEN? WHERE? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I seriously thought I looked the same. I certainly haven't been dieting (or exercising as you can see from above I've never even been to our college gym).


So today I went to the gym, we played racket ball and it was fun and afterwards we were in the locker room and I was like OH A SCALE! So I stepped on: turns out since October I've lost 25 lbs. Once again I asked myself: HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I seriously have no idea.

My only guess is that my campus is huge and I walk everywhere. I walk probably an hour everyday just to get to classes and get around campus. Also, I've been eating salad a lot more because we have an incredible salad bar here on campus and I seriously think it's my second love. Those are the only things I can think of as to why this might be.

BUT: I still eat pizza twice a week and chocolate EVERY SINGLE DAY. So this is all very weird to me. I'm pretty shocked honestly. I mean I can kind of see now that I did lose a little weight. My stomach is flatter and my thighs don't bulge in shorts, but I would attribute that to maybe a 5lb lossage...NOT A 25LB lossage?!??!?! I'm not sure how this happened but I thought I'd share. It's not everyday I'm stupid and wake up 8 months later to find I've lost a shit ton of weight.


P.S. I gotta go to goddamn work now =]