Thursday, September 11, 2008

Holy Updates, Batman!


Speaking of Batman, I'm super thrilled to have heard that Johnny Depp will be playing the next Batman villain: The Riddler! Ooo so excited. But on to the updates.
Currently I'm lounging on the couch watch a really interesting show called "The Principals Office" with my kitty Thomas. I like to think that Thomas likes when I blog in his company but honestly I think he has a thing for laptops with the way he rubs up on them like he's in a club.
This reminds me I really need to go buy a can of air, that one uses to clean electronics. Thomas excessive rubbing on my laptop has caused a very large amount of hair to be stuck under the keys and this makes it hard to press some. Particularly Q.

Moving on. Classes start in 10 days. But more importantly Heroes starts in 8 days. I'm very excited for this new season of Heroes. During the writers strike I managed to go to my online instant view of Netflix and watch both season becoming an avid fan (who doesn't love Milo)!

I'd talk about school but that would bore the 3 people that read this blog (possibly 2). Maybe I will next week, when I'm actually there and I can relay to you in my best experienced words how awful it is going. Until then =]

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