Friday, July 25, 2008

Finally, I do something interesting

My cousin Mandi is finally back in town and we just had the most awesome day ever. I very much missed her. We went slip N sliding' on a Sponge Bob slide that was made for 12 year olds it was so much fun (for more details see youtube vlog).

Tomorrow I'm going to the Theme Park. They have this new roller coaster out which is supposed to be INSANE and I LOVE LOVE LOVE roller coasters. In 10th grade I wrote a paper on how much I loved them, I got a D. But that's besides the point.

There's no food here. I haven't ate since breakfast. Me hungry.

I finished reading Devilish. It was VERY good. I would like to re-read Catcher and the Rye for blurbing book club but quite frankly I have no idea where my copy went! Wtf world!?

So I'll just stick to that WWI book I was talking about and maybe actually finish The Amber Spyglass.

Anyway, this weekend I'm off to have a life for once so enjoy your summer weekend!

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Big Metal Dude said...

The Breakfast Boys were talking about that new ride yesterday morning. It sounded... scary. Though I say this because I'm not fan of roller coasters.

But I do like me some Silverwood.