Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight and Not Having a Life

First off I just saw The Dark Knight. It was spectacular. Heath Ledgers performance was amazing and perfect as the joker. It is so sad that he died, he's done so many great things already and I know he would have continued to do more. Anyway, I hear it's the biggest blockbuster possibly of all time and that's very exciting. I highly recommend everyone to see it.

So I'm home for the summer. Usually I spend Sep-Jun in Seattle for school. It's nice to be home but things are a little weird around the house. Not having Mom around is weird, but I must admit, it's a lot quieter.

We also had to put our dog, Lady down last week. She was in a lot of pain and we couldn't even take her for walks her bag legs were so bad. It's been hard but it's also nice not to have to hear her barking at nothing 24/7.

My cat Thomas has disappeared for good. This has to be the saddest change yet. Sadder than my parents divorce and my dogs murder. Because Thomas isn't dead, he just found a better owner. He came in last Thursday and slept with me but his coat was all brushed and pretty. All his matts were gone. So someone has been grooming him. Not to mention the skinniest cat in the world has gotten fatter, so someone has been feeding him as well. Apparently since my mother lost Oscar (my other cat) when she moved, Thomas has decided we're not good enough to live with anymore. He's probably right.

Despite enjoying the quietness of the house I find it lonely most of the time. Dad's always gone on business and my brother is hardly around and if he is around he's up to no good. He was growing marijuana in our backyard for awhile there till my dad found out. We really need to kick him out. He's such a waste of space.

The one good thing about being back for the summer is Jesse. It's so nice to spend time with him almost everyday. It really makes all of this bearable. We're headed down to California August 15th to go visit my Mom (unfortunately, I'm still very angry with her) but at least he'll be with me and we can just go to the beach and hang out instead of dealing with her crap.

I think that's enough of my depressing talk eh? If you made it this far good for you! Really. I'd like to post a new video sometime soon, which will probably be up Monday. No word as to what this will be about though. I think I will ponder this and clean my room (which is filthy)


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